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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Lessons from Doll story

Thank you for the experience of learning about the Vail area. We came in the early seventies. We later purchased at Lionsquare Lodge, preconstruction. We have been visiting during the summer and fall since. We felt we knew the area but so enjoyed your articles.

I’m bringing my daughter and grandchildren to visit at the end of the month with a return visit with my husband in September.

Hope to buy the book then.

Bonnie Miller

Different view on Israel

I have a different perspective on the Israel/Palestine situation than Arthur Kittay.

In 2006, Hamas won free and fair elections on a platform that promised an honest and effective government. People voted against the corrupt Fatah government and for the social services provided by Hamas. But Israel and the West meddled with the democratically elected choice by imposing devastating economic sanctions. The Palestinian economy and their livelihoods were destroyed.

Recently, after decades of oppression, lack of opportunity and loss of hope, things exploded. People brutalized each other over power. Israel and the U.S., which financially supports Israel ($2.4 billion in military aid this year alone), have to take some responsibility. Israel removed its soldiers and settlers from Gaza in August 2005, but it still controlled Gaza from the sea, air and land. The Israeli-controlled borders are mostly closed depending on the whim of Israel, making Gaza a prison of 1.4 million people, about half children. With limited access to the sea and to commerce, Palestinians have difficulty making a living.

Washington’s bias toward Israel is significantly responsible for the appalling situation in Gaza and the West Bank. I heard this from several non-govermental organization workers who work in that area.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Ziad Abu Amr declared, “If you have two brothers, put them in a cage and deprive them of basic and essential needs for life, they will fight.” Palestinians must end the violence and the United States and the international community must end the Gaza sanctions that deprive them of their basic needs and hope for a better future.

As we learned when apartheid ended in South Africa, black-on-black violence was an outgrowth of apartheid ” not an indication that black South Africans were incapable of self-rule.

Cathleen Krahe


Recall leader is right

In this week celebrating the birth of our great nation we all give thanks for the freedoms to express our ideas in a reasonable manner.

Thanks to Mike Reid for pointing out the obvious, that our dear commissioners did indeed circuvent the vote of the people and seem to do so on a regular basis to further their personal socialist agendas that were unable to be furthered in perpetuity in the form of a tax. Some of us do not believe in state-sponsored child care and the snooping on families that often accompanies this “service.” Mike Reid has a point and we are blessed to live in a free country where we can all express our opinions and act on them in a reasonable way.

Freedon is not free and will never be. We will always be in a balancing act with our governments desire to control more of citizen’s lives.

Henri Stone


We said no

I just read about the possible recall of Commissioner Arn Menconi. Mr. Menconi said he got elected on a platform about early-childhood development. But when the people say no isn’t he expected to do the will of the voter? The voters turned down early-childhood education in the November election, but Mr. Menconi completely ignored this fact and like a dictator starts funding the program. Obviously Commissioner Menconi thinks the electorate is too stupid to know what they want, but they are fortunate to have an all knowing leader to take care of them.

Bill Weikel


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