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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Rucksack bids farewell

After 45 years in business, the Rucksack, Vail’s first store, will be closing its doors forever this July 11. The building is being sold, and an interior remodel will begin immediately.

Since its opening in 1962, the Rucksack has touched the lives of many, many people. This past ski season alone, more than 57,000 customers visited the Rucksack, 1,466 of them on December 24.

During this past ski season:

– 14,398 greeting cards were sold ” it was the best selection in town.

– 4,230 people came in looking for Advil.

– 9,948 packs of gum were purchased.

– 12,050 thirsty people bought drinks.

– 1,734 chapped lips were soothed.

– 2,168 upset stomachs required antacids.

– 1,584 faces were protected from sunburn.

All in all, this past ski season, almost 19,000 over-the-counter drug items were sold.

In the last two weeks, since we found out we were closing, we have heard from so many visitors and locals alike how much the Rucksack has meant to them over the years and generations. Words like “a Vail institution,” “an icon of Vail,” and “part of the history of Vail,” were said over and over. The Rucksack will clearly be missed.

We would like to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of customers who have made the Rucksack part of their Vail tradition.

Our hearts have truly been touched by the outpouring of sadness that so many have expressed. You made it all worthwhile.

Speaking for ourselves and on behalf of the other 1,277 former Rucksack employees, we would like to say thank you and we’ll miss you.

Ghiqui Hoffmann

Rucksack, 1974-1998

Nicole Hoffmann

Rucksack, 1979-2007

Why’d you vote for it?

Dear Sen. Salazar,

I am writing to you because you are a member of our federal government who voted for the recent immigration bill. I am a fifth generation, native Coloradan and a very good paying customer with the Internal Revenue Service. I want to find out how I can become a illegal immigrant and renounce my status as a “citizen” of the United States. I am hoping you can guide me through this process. I have been directed to your office from the Homeland Security Department.

If my understanding is correct about this bill, as an illegal immigrant, I only need to be here for five years, (done), and pay taxes for three of the last five years, as well as pay a fine of $2,000. I know a great deal when I see one, and am anxious to get the ball rolling on this!

Can we make this retroactive? I payed out the ying-yang the last two years.

Also, as an illegal, I could begin using the emergency room for all my medical needs, thus avoiding my costly insurance premiums. By my calculations, I would also save over $9,000 a year for me and my family!

In addition, my kids would get preferential treatment when applying for college, and also pay in-state tuition anywhere in the U.S. Please don’t delay in telling me how to sign up!

I can also forget about my auto insurance and my driver’s license renewal, thus saving me alot when my kids start driving.

What a country!

Finally, our local county officials have just funded an early child-care provision that would help pay for my child-care costs, dental bills, food subsidies, etc., even though it was voted down by our citizens. This will also save me a bundle on my child care now!

Please let me know as soon as possible, as my paycheck barely covers these costs, and I would love to get on the rolls and have the government pay my way.

Karl Berger


Editor’s note: The immigration reform bill the letter writer is referencing died last week in the U.S. Senate.

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