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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Recall’s a waste

The Eagle County Democrats would like to thank the Vail Daily’s Don Rogers for his critical, thoughtful and accurate comments (July 19 and 22) on the recall petition effort recently announced by Mike Reid and Mike Lederhause.

You may remember that Mike Lederhause is the Democrat who campaigned for commissioner through the petition process in 2006. Although we saw that he announced that he is chair of “Democrats for the Recall of Arn Menconi,” only in the most limited sense is it true that Democrats support the recall. The Eagle County Democratic Party is not aware of any Democrats besides Mike who are a part of this committee. The Democratic Party is neither supporting nor putting any extra thought into this frivolous and wasteful effort to hold an additional election at this time.

Harvie Branscomb

Co-Chair, Eagle County Democratic Party

Health insurance choices

Steve Lynn’s article “Insurance woes plague Vail Valley” should be an eye-opener to many, but I fear it won’t be.

One hopes the upcoming election will finally put health care at the top of the priority list. Here we are, the world’s great superpower, spending billions and billions in the name of liberation and humanitarian missions abroad and yet we remain the only industrialized nation other than South Africa which does not guarantee some form of health care for its own people.

The dilemma seems to be that the conservative fans of capitalism want it both ways. They refuse to support government-sponsored health care and they bristle at higher taxes, yet they also don’t provide their employees with health insurance or pay high enough wages to their workers to obtain health insurance on their own.

The problem with all of this is that it creates a crisis-driven system in which people don’t address their health issues until it is too late to receive inexpensive care that would prevent or nip these problems in the bud, overextending the resources of the nation’s emergency rooms and public health clinics and driving up medical costs for everyone. Companies who employ undocumented workers also create a drain because these workers need health care, too, and the government foots the bill.

“No more taxes” is their battle cry, yet tax money is paying all these inflated expenses as it is. The bottom line is they’re going to pay either way. It is either going to come from higher taxes or higher payroll and benefits costs. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do it all in a more orderly fashion? Wouldn’t it also make us a better nation and the humanitarians we claim to be if we were to see that everyone in America had access to health care or health insurance?

The best way to lower medical costs is to provide preventative and timely care to those who need it and the best way to manage our medical resources is to eliminate crisis-driven care. There are only two choices here: government-run health care or the provision of health insurance to our workers.

The resisters are going to have to pay one way or the other … either through tax dollars or by upping their corporate budgets.

However it happens, though, they have to realize they can’t have it both ways.

David Dillon


Booth family thanks

The Booth family of Eagle extends heartfelt thanks to everyone in the community who has been so very gracious and helpful in caring for Margaret Booth. She died peacefully on July 15 after a 19-year battle with cancer.

Over the 30 years that Margaret has been in the valley (Vail from 1975 to 1979, and Eagle from 1979 on), she has had a wealth of friends who have faithfully supported her in every way possible.

We would like to thank the staff from Vail Valley Mountain Hospice: primary care nurse and a godsend, Lindy Owens; care nurse and great comfort Jane Brandes; Carla Guarascio and Diane Stein; and, hospice volunteer Susan Balcomb, who came every Saturday morning. All of you made Margaret’s last few months comfortable, fun and very peaceful.

The Greater Eagle Fire Department has played a longtime, significant role in supporting Margaret. As part of their community outreach program they have shoveled snow on her porch, plowed her driveway, raked her leaves, pumped out her flooded basement and driveway, moved her, picked her up when she fell, assisted her in getting in and out of the house on numerous occasions and provided invaluable help in moving her to the funeral parlor.

Jon Jon Asper, we love you and all your staff for everything you have done over many years.

The volunteer group (organized and maintained by Debbie Comerford) that manned the house in Margaret’s last few months was extraordinary. They spent time chatting with Margaret, boosted her spirits, laughed and cried with her, and brought lots of food, milkshakes, sweets and flowers on a regular basis. We wish to thank: Lynn Arguello and her family, especially Bella; MaryBeth and Kevin Brubeck; Susan Shreeve and her girls Jenny (with infant daughter Zakia), Mindy (Margaret’s night caretaker four nights a week for her last two months), Kenzie and Lauren; Mickey and David Rioux; Pam and John Boyd; Lesley Robbie; Kathy Heicher, Patti Roenicke, Mary Hoza, Aquabelle buddies Celine Kruger, Ruth Lenz, Sandy Newman, Kaye Nolte, Cornelia Platt, Bernice White, Marylou Yeik, and our illustrious instructor Norma Yeik, all of whom always came frequently with good cheer, flowers, and food.

Special thanks to Karen and Mike Andruzak, who never missed a week since Margaret got really sick last September, and to the Bunko girls (Robin Davis and her daughters Alana and Daryl, Judy Hagan, Susan Lucas, Kathy Noah, Debbie Peters and her daughter Hannah; and Laurie Slaughter), who did so many things for us.

Other frequent volunteers included: Tommy Kohl, Patrick Kohl and Amber, Patty Hill, Aggie Sandoval, Gary Shields, Valerie Kessler, Marie Lynch, Claudia Wells, Ginger Leniger, Patty Hill, Pat Magdziuk, and Tammy Loughlin and her boys Caleb and Brady. Sandie Colburn was Margaret’s night nurse three nights a week.

A very special thanks to Marylou (Louie) Yeik for the outstanding slide show she prepared for the memorial service. She visited often with her son Aidan.

Special thanks also to Gail Britt, who spent countless hours with Margaret helping her plan her memorial service, and did an excellent job of performing the service. Thanks also to Joel Hansen and Charlie Davis, Dawn Poff and Scott Booth for performing at the service.

There are three friends who have been significantly instrumental in every aspect of Margaret’s last few months, as well as throughout her life here in the valley. Eternal thanks go to Debbie Comerford, Sandy Womeldorf and Marian McDonough. In short, they did everything.

If we have left anyone out, we sincerely apologize. This is a prime example of a town with a great sense of community. Let’s make sure we maintain that.

Thank you all for everything.

The Booth Family

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