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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Student’s view of TAP

I would like to clarify the viewpoint of the student in the whole TAP mess. At the heart of TAP is the master and mentor teacher system, which uses the experience of the best teachers in the school to aid teachers with less experience. On paper, it sounds good, right? Well, the unfortunate truth is that the best teachers in the school are actually removed from the classroom for most of the day. This means that your child has almost no chance to be taught by the best because the best teachers aren’t teaching! Instead, they are mentoring and assessing other teachers: exactly what I want my tax dollars to pay for.

I am now a senior at Eagle Valley High School and in defense of the teachers there, I have never been taught by a bad teacher, nor have I ever met a bad teacher in the entire school. I am in complete support of holding teachers accountable for the education of their students, but TAP is not the answer.

And don’t think that the high schools are the only ones affected by TAP either; elementary and middle school students are suffering from the same problem of teacher “absences” from the classrooms.

Because I am a senior, it is already too late for my class, the class of 2008, to see any changes in the system. But you can still make a difference for students in the future, for your children.

Please contact the district and tell them that it is time for a change to a new teacher accountability system. Thank you.

Nick Brink

‘Stupid’ thing to say

When cruel individuals called Forest Gump stupid he would reply, “stupid is as stupid does.” Calling someone stupid is something decent people abhor. Responsible parents work hard to teach their children how hurtful that word can be.

Don Rogers commented that Arn Menconi recall supporters are gang members who suffer from rank stupidity.

I am an unaffiliated voter. I support the Menconi recall because I believe Eagle County citizens must remind their representatives whom it is that they represent. I am not a gang member. I respect the rights of others to hold differing opinions, and I do not suffer from rank stupidity. America is a divine country where checks and balances were intentionally written into the Constitution to prevent abuse of power.

Undoubtedly, Rogers thinks our founders suffered from rank stupidity also.

I keep asking myself what would drive Rogers (a newspaper editor, who more than anyone else should value freedom of speech) to reveal a side of his character so vile that he would resort to name-calling. Rogers’ desperate attempt to intimidate was obvious to anyone reading his commentary and clearly was not the act of a neutral bystander. If Mr. Rogers truly cares about the children of Eagle County his goal should be to set a better example than that in future commentaries.

Aggie Chastain


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