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Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO Columnist confusedIt seems that Butch Mazzuca is confusing the concept of universal health care with the concept of socialized health care. They are not the same. Universal health care, desired by a large majority of citizens according to many recent polls, would provide health-care benefits to all citizens regardless of age, health status, employment status or ability to pay. A socialized health-care system as exists in Canada and many European countries is characterized by government controlling the resources, finan-cing and health-care benefits available to the population as well as determining payment to hospitals, physicians and other health-care providers. In a socialized system there is no “insuring” entity as we know it. It is possible and in fact perhaps desirable to have a universal health-care system in which the private sector plays its traditional roles of developing and marketing benefits plans, pricing those plans, contracting with provider networks and paying claims for services. There is no reason such a system couldn’t contain the appropriate incentives with resulting efficiencies for both insurers and insureds consistent with the many examples cited by Mazzuca. Jim CameronEagle VailGreat talentI am writing a long overdue thanks and compliment to all the local venues that host and support open mikes. There is an amazing pool of local talent, and they deserve recognition, and gigs for that matter.Special thanks go out to the Sandbar, for their lengthy, ongoing support when they don’t otherwise have to. And super special thanks to Steve Corr, our saint who has hosted a great open mike for years and years.I’d like to note and thank Dan and Dave, The Tim Wastell Trio, Josh M.C., Brandon, and the other talented artists who have made for entertaining open mikes at not only the Sandbar, but at Loaded Joe’s, Mangos, and the Main Street Grill such a treat.M.G. GallagherEnough alreadyI am not one who speaks often on politics. But when I open the Vail Daily and see precious time wasted on what seems to be a failed attempt to recall Arn Menconi, I have to ask Mike Reid, “When is enough, enough”? Why not focus your time (and our money) on something that you know will bring positive support to the community, like the fight against tearing down Crossroads to build Solaris? Oh yeah. That didn’t quite work for you either, did it?Eric LyonEdwards

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