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Letters to the editor


Biased media

You know the old saying, “You can’t believe everything you read”? Well, you can believe the following: Everything you read certainly isn’t the whole story.

Lately the PC hot topic is biased liberal colleges and college professors. The other liberally biased hot topic should be our mass media reporting.

John Q. Public needs to take everything he reads, watches or listens to through America mass media with a large grain of salt. There are some rare exceptions to the rule, just as there are rare exceptions in our colleges.

Our government and our leftwing liberal media want us to believe we have a homeland security system working now, and our media prefers to report that another 9-11 is pretty much impossible. Any potential terrorists would be hard-pressed to enter America on fraudulent visas, and that any illegal aliens are routinely being apprehended and deported.

What our media and government aren’t saying is that is far from the truth. Case in point, 18-year-old Lee Boyd Malvo. He is an illegal alien who has been allowed to live here undisturbed. That is, until he began killing shooting people. Now he is being disturbed in a court of law. Yet I still haven’t heard from the media that he is in our country illegally.

Interestingly enough, his defense is comparing his crime to that of the “Islamic extremists who flew airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,” speculating that brainwashing as an explanation. Is it brainwashing? Or is it really a failure on our Homeland Security Department’s end by not tracking and deporting illegal overstays – government-allowed illegal overstay exactly like the Islamic extremists who flew airliners into the WTC? I will venture a guess that that part doesn’t come up as a defense comparison or hit the press.

Saturday, Nov. 22, I read in The New York Times that the special registration for Arab immigrants will be stopped because the immigration rights groups protested and after all, during the six months of reviewing the 85,000 men, only 11 had links to terrorism, officials said.

Only eleven? How many terrorists does it take to create another 9-11?

What about our children’s rights to a free and safe life?

Kobe Bryant’s accuser also recently experienced our lax immigration enforcement. She received a valid death threat by an illegal alien Swiss “hit man,” Patrick Graber – a man who has been living illegally in California, working illegally in California and been undisturbed by INS in California for five years. He, like the 9-11 terrorists, remained here on an expired visa, undisturbed by our homeland security and INS. Did the media report this illegal alien portion? No, he is referred to as a “Swiss national” by our media.

Perhaps they should tell the educated reading public how it really is. That on Nov. 14, a Mexican consulate was indicted for stealing 150 Mexican passports and aiding Arab illegals in coming into the U.S. fraudulently. That on Friday, Nov. 20, seven Mexican employees of the U.S. Consulate in Juarez were fired for selling the new fraudulent proof laser visas. All new immigrant visas, or “green cards,” for Mexican nationals living in Mexico and the United States are processed at the Juarez location.

On July 25, four former officials with the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and a Laredo visa broker were sentenced Friday for selling visas to Mexican citizens. Former visa adjuster Miguel Partida, who netted some $30,000 for selling more than 60 fraudulent visas, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison. Regardless of the indictment, there still are 60 people out there somewhere with free passes to enter the United States at will .

That about 10 months ago at Denver International Airport, employees also were sought for using fake identifications. In the DIA operation, a grand jury indicted 110 people employed at the airport, including food service workers, cleaning crews, transportation workers and one pilot, again with security badges. All 110 were indicted. However, 60 were actually arrested. The remainder vanished somewhere into the United States. Including the pilot? No one knows, because no media have reported on that portion of the story.

There are currently “only” 3,800 illegals that we ordered deported with known Al-Qaeda contacts. They are here somewhere in the US. They still aren’t deported, just missing in action.

As the question of liberal bias is being raised regarding our colleges, the question of left-tilt media reporting also needs to be addressed. Who does not want the public to hear the entire truth? Is it the editors, the TV news broadcasters or is it our U.S. government who is failing on their job performance? In the government’s case, they won’t be punished by not receiving a annual performance pay increase. The American public will pay the real price.

Our price is the ever-present threat of terrorist attacks on American soil and death to innocent American people. Our price is our children’s future in America.

Our government officials take an oath to serve American citizens: “To defend and protect from enemies both foreign and domestic.” The U.S. government is one of “of the people, by the people and for the people” who are legal citizens. They must understand that they swear their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, not to the citizens of other countries. When do you suppose the liberal-left media is going to start reporting based on that? As it is now, we read only what they want us to read, incomplete, PC-biased news.

Marty Lich

Let him do the job

Upon signing the $87 billion emergency supplemental bill to fund military and reconstruction costs in Iraq, President Bush released a statement announcing that the inspector general in Iraq “shall refrain from initiating, carrying out or completing an audit or investigation or from issuing a subpoena which requires access to sensitive operation plans” due to reasons of national security.

The role of the inspector general in Iraq is to oversee the reconstruction process, not military operations. We believe it is critical that Congress exercise its oversight authority to ensure that the rebuilding of Iraq is conducted wisely, fairly and with as much transparency as possible.

President Bush is hurting confidence in the reconstruction process by continuing to foster an environment of secrecy.

Congress created the inspector general position in Iraq to help ease the public’s concern about how reconstruction contracts are being awarded. By reducing the authority of the inspector general to access necessary information, President Bush undermines the will of Congress.

We need an inspector general to ensure those funds aren’t being wasted or going into the pockets of corrupt contractors.

Tom Hallal


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