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Get involvedI would like to thank the town of Avon staff for improving the notification process for Planning & Zoning meeting agendas. On Tuesday, February 3, 2004 the Avon Planning and Zoning meeting was attended by over 70 concerned citizens many of whom provided public input on a requested zoning variation for a project in Wildridge. On this issue the applicant was turned down in part because they were proposing a project that increased density in an area that had been zoned in the 1970s.It was a great commentary on how well the town of Avon has improved its notification process to ensure that the public is aware of issues before P&Z so that owners and developers are interacting with the public before projects are presented at the Town Council level.It is commendable that the staff has addressed concerns and frustrations expressed by developers about the challenges in getting projects through Avon P&Z only to be shot down when they get to final approval at the Town Council level. The public input and attendance at this meeting indicates that the citizens are concerned with the developments in their neighborhoods and that they will provide input when notified.Our county will be experiencing continued growth for the next 20 years. If each impacted neighbor is invited and encouraged to work with landowners and developers during the planning process, we can all benefit by achieving an economy and community that is diverse, while maintaining the quality of life that as citizens and property owners we have the right to expect.I challenge each of you to get involved. Attend meetings, listen to the plans, ask questions, and learn the planning process, the rights of the landowners and the responsibilities of your elected and appointed officials. I encourage whoever called Tipsline to express his/her opinion on allowing the landowner to “do whatever they want” to attend a meeting, learn the rules, express that opinion and use their name.Amy C. PhillipsAvonUgly partisanshipI’m sorry you chose to print Mr. Carnes’ Feb. 3 commentary piece excoriating the Democratic candidates. It’s the manner in which he did so that was so distasteful.Ugly partisanship does not make for an informed electorate. The column was at best unprofessional and at worst juvenile, uninformed and tasteless. Your printing a pseudo editorial such as this does not reflect well on the Vail Daily and I would suggest that in the future you consider printing editorial material that actually advances our understanding of politics, current events and the like.Informed opinion is one thing. Playground name calling is quite another.Ted SpringerAvonLikes what he seesI am writing to thank the current members of the Vail Town Council for their involvement in the political process and to commend the new members on the success and integrity of their campaigns. It is clear to me that the most qualified candidates now sit on the Town Council and will move this town in a positive direction.From the rhetoric of each campaign, there appeared to be very little division on the issues: each candidate’s environmental record was admirable (especially those of the incumbents and current council members); every person running espoused strong values and supports a government that cares and provides for its citizens; and all agree that this town must redevelop to stimulate growth.As such, the election was decided on those issues that matter most, namely: character, integrity, discretion and a sense of trust that the candidate would do what was best for the town.It is comforting to see that the citizens of Vail supported candidates on the merits of their arguments rather than the volume and frequency with which they were delivered.Finally, I would like to thank those members of the council who have been “singing” their respective songs for years now. It was your vision, your character and your courage that allowed this town to become one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. It is these very same qualities that got you elected and that we will rely on to lead us into the future. Best of luck!David VieleFeminist agendaThis paper continues to give Wendy Murphy an outlet to spew her hate. She is trying to incite the people of Eagle County. Her talk of Denver is hers alone, and her saying there would be an “unfair trial in Denver” is a hidden racist remark.What does she know of the people of Denver? But then again, we know what people she is referring to. Wendy has been allowed to spew her anger and feminist agenda on television and in the press. She has already said Kobe Bryant is guilty. Why is she allowed to talk this way, yet she hasn’t said anything of the T-shirts.I thought this paper was being fair. Allowing Wendy to spew her agenda isn’t doing that. I hope this letter gets printed because I want Wendy Murphy to know that not everyone agrees with what she says. I want Wendy Murphy to explain why every inconsistent story we hear is quickly covered up and explained as confusion. I want Wendy Murphy to explain why not only is the accuser allowed this excuse, why also are the police? Maybe Wendy Murphy can explain why if Kobe said and did something while being questioned that led to the detective taking him for exam right away, then why wasn’t the “crime scene” sealed and investigated? Why after six months they couldn’t get their stories correct.Dwayne NicholsBridgeport, Conn.Her own biasIn response to Ms.Murphy’s letter of Feb. 5: Ms. Murphy’s letter reveals her own bias towards Mr. Bryant. Rather than referring to the young woman as the “alleged victim,” she refers to her as “the victim. Isn’t that the very purpose of the upcoming trial, to determine whether in fact she was a victim at all?Additionally, the battle over the admissibility of the woman’s medical records is not being waged over whether they are relevant or prejudicial, for the most part, but whether she has through her actions and words waived her statutory rights to privacy and, if not, whether that statute must yield, in this specific case to permit Mr. Bryant to defend himself fully and thereby receive a fair trial.Obviously if Mr. Bryant did rape this woman, this whole exposure of her past problems has caused her additional distress, but that unfortunately is part of the process.John HernandezLos Angeles

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