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Letters to the editor



Now that all the votes have been cast, the littering of political yard signs (myself included) have been picked up and as life returns to normal, I am left with some time to ponder the whole political process and put my true feelings and thoughts down on paper (or at least Microsoft Word).

I would like to begin by first congratulating my opponent, Sheriff-elect Joe Hoy on his victory this past Tuesday. Even though we might have come from different directions on why each was the better candidate, I know that each of us had not only the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office in mind, but we more importantly had the citizens of Eagle County in mind. With both of our mindsets, the people of Eagle County were left in a win-win situation. Once again congratulations, Joe.

I would next like to say thank you to each and every Eagle County citizen that cast a vote. Your voice was heard.

I am learning it is not so much about the outcome as it is about the journey. This being the case, I walk away with more character than I knew I had. I know the process strengthened my ties to friends and family.

To the person(s) that thought by opening my supposed closet of skeletons, they would bring about an advantage to my opponent are these realities: (1) Joe and I discussed the issue a long time ago whenever the rumors began. I know Joe didn’t have anything to do with it. We have too much respect for each other. (2) I learned a long time ago that attacks on me make me stronger, not weaker. So for the character building experience I say thank you. (3) My father, a retired journalist, has always told me don’t give any credit to anyone who has something to say but wishes to say his piece behind a mask, in the color of darkness, or on a piece of paper without a name. You now that if I wanted to waste my time in finding out who you are I would just look up the definition of COWARD in the dictionary and your face and name would appear there. Obviously, you may know some of my history, but you sure as hell don’t know me.

I wish to thank the people that believed in me. Your words, actions and of course financial assistance lets me know that I have not worked in this business without making a difference.

To Earlene and Kara, thank you for our newfound friendship, the conversations in the cold mornings and evening while holding our signs and the humor it took to get us through it all.

To all the candidates who placed their names on the ballot. I now know as well as you what sacrifice means. You had the guts try. You are all winners in my book.

Thank you to outgoing Sheriff Johnson for giving me an opportunity 15 years ago. You’ve given me enough lead to find out who I really am professionally. I appreciate your leadership and friendship.

As I learned from the book “Tuesdays with Morrie,” I took my five minutes of self pity, I got it out of the way and it is time to play with my kids, take my wife out to dinner, and patrol our streets with a newfound enthusiasm.

To my hero, Sally (my wife), you sacrificed more than I’ll ever know. You worked with me so that I could be out early and stay out late, while managing a 5 year old and 10 month old as well as the household by yourself, I say thank you and I love you. To Kiefer, I look forward to reading to you again and again. And to Kelby, thank you for the smiles and the dirty diapers you bring the whole world back into prospective.

Bill Kaufman


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