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Letters to the editor

Andy Wiessner

If Publisher Steve Pope believes that the whole Cacioppo-school board flap is a “Ludicrous waste of time and money,” why on earth is the Vail Daily giving Mr. Cacioppo so much ink, including a front page headline? And why, also, did Commissioners Tom Stone and Mike Gallagher vote to allocate $5,625 of our tax dollars to subsidize Speakout. Both actions are like adding gasoline to a fire!

Cacioppo and Speakout, sad to say, are just an ego trip, and Cacioppo is like the bad boy in school. ANY attention is something he desperately needs to fan his ego (I probably shouldn’t even be writing this letter), and bad attention is better than no attention at all.

The sad part of this is that Cacioppo’s ego hurts lots of decent people. His constant lawsuits do no one any good, and have penalized our hardworking school teachers, among many others. Why? To feed his obsession that life is just one big conspiracy – be it an imagined conspiracy of law enforcement officials against him, a conspiracy by various individuals and institutions to steal elections, or a conspiracy by CU professors to indoctrinate our children as “liberals.”

In addition, Mr. Cacioppo’s so-called “newspaper” is no such thing. It is continually filled with completely inaccurate facts, quotes taken out of context to purposefully mislead, and outright false, offensive and tasteless attacks on members of our community and society. The paper is not cute or funny, as it might be with a little more restraint, humility and factual integrity. The bottom line, is that the Vail Daily, and the rest of us, should ignore Mr. Cacioppo and Speakout. But that is hard to do with the inflated coverage you are giving him.

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