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Letters to the editor

Amber Mitzelfelt

I read a letter in Friday, June 4, Letters to the editor about the Eagle Valley High School graduation ceremony and was upset about it. I was one of those seniors sitting out there, getting drenched – and laughing my head off. Why? Because that is all you can do in a situation like that. Yes, all of my pictures will show me with my hair plastered to my head and my mortarboard not carrying much of a board shape anymore, but the memories are far outweigh the little bit of inconvenience. Think of all that we would be missing if the ceremony had moved inside. There would be no helicopters flying over, and that is something my cousins remember from my brother’s graduation six years ago. If we had moved inside, I know my entire family would not have been allowed inside. This means my grandma would not have been able to see her last grandchild graduate from high school. Maybe I was barely able to hear my own name announced, but I still heard the screaming and noise-makers from my brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles as they saw me walk to get my diploma. So thank you, Mr. Strakbein, for making my graduation ceremony one to remember. You have done a great job in the short amount of time you have been at Eagle Valley High School, and I feel last weekend was not an exception.Amber MitzelfeltEagle Valley High SchoolClass of 2004Stone scornedIt was not surprising that Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone was the only commissioner to vote against protecting from development one of Eagle County’s most beautiful ranches, Bair Ranch. More than any other single individual, he can be held responsible for the visual blight that defines the corridor of the Eagle River valley from Vail to Glenwood Canyon. His tenure on this board since 1999 is defined by promotion of development without thoughtfulness or vision, and ignorance of open space and ranch preservation to complement such development. Arn Menconi and Michael Gallagher may long be remembered for their foresight. Future generations will remember Tom Stone as the man who strangled the beauty, biological integrity, and economic sustainability out of Eagle County.John FielderEnglewoodIt’s my homeAs a new homeowner I’m becoming increasingly and seriously disgusted with this system called DRB (Design Review Board).I would like to understand how these people manage to look at themselves in the mirror any given morning.The only thing that seems to matter to these people is the delusion that their personal opinions of our homes is the only thing that matters.We, as homeowners choose the colors for our homes from their color samples. Then they tell us the color is not close enough even though these are the only colors we had to choose from.Then they decided staining our porches and decks wasn’t what THEY WANTED for OUR HOMES. Then they are telling us if we don’t comply with their personal choice of what OUR HOME should look like they are going to fine us $100 per day until we change OUR HOME to meet their personal taste.We aren’t allowed to have natural wood stains on our deck and porches in Phase 1 but we can have totally virgin white backyard fences that matches absolutely nothing in our surrounding countryside. To top that off the homes in Phase 2, 100 feet away from Phase 1, are coming in to the development prestained. They even fined one of my neighbors because he didn’t buy his backyard fence from the vendor that THEY CHOOSE. Now you tell me who is in whose pocket!Another of my neighbors got the OK from the DRB to put in a side driveway alongside the garage and when he went to get his deposit back they decided he could no longer have the side driveway and told him to remove it or they would fine him $100 per day until at which time they felt it was properly removed.And don’t plan on them showing up on the day you have made an appointment for them to be there because they only show up if it fits into their schedule.Now if this were the actions of only one person from the DRB, it’s truly pathetic and saddening that this person is allowed to continue to hold a job that is so important to all of us. To impose such great amounts of stress on people who have worked ALL THEIR LIVES to be homeowners can’t be the objectives or the purpose of DRB. I submit this with all the restraint I can manage.Dennis SkluzacekGypsumTerrible ideaI think the easement contemplated for Lindholm is a terrible idea for precisely the same reason that he thinks it is a great idea: it will facilitate more intensive and visible commercial development north of 70 on his land. Vail Valley is the gateway to a great national asset, of which Holy Cross Ranger Cal Wettstein currently has stewardship. To degrade that gateway is to diminish the asset in his care.Lindholm’s profit objectives are consistently incompatible with local and Forest Service objectives. Much as elsewhere, they may have been incompatible with Swedish securities and tax law, and American contract law. Please do not lie down for Lindholm on this one. Remember: GATEWAY, not DOORMAT.Walter DandyDemocracyHey Don Rogers, ‘S a matta’ you? Remember “democracy,” “elections,” “representative government”? You end your column of May 31: “But I’m not voting Tuesday. It doesn’t matter what I think, only what Michael thinks.” What you think, what I think, what any county resident thinks does matter. The commissioners are our representatives and we trust them to listen to us and to represent the majority of us.P.S.: Mr. Gallagher, here’s what I think: Yes on Bair Ranch. So there’s limited access, but we can’t set foot on the moon or Mars, nor will most of us ever set foot in Iraq, yet billions of our taxpayer dollars are invested in those places. The Bairs are accepting much, much less than they could gain by selling to developers. We, in turn, with this relatively small investment, will continue to see that magnificent, pastoral landscape forever – instead of more houses, more gated communities, and eventually, more shops and malls.Maria MinickEdwards

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