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Letters to the editor

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cotton Ranch for their involvement with the golf programs at Eagle Valley High School. When we mention Cotton Ranch, we are talking about the members, the staff and the owners.For the past four years, we have watched a lot of girls across the state. No one has put on a better tournament than the staff at Cotton Ranch. No course was ever in better condition or marked out as well. Cotton Ranch hosted the regional tournament last year and did a better job than some of the state tournaments that we’ve watched.We can’t say enough about the PGA professionals that we have had at Cotton Ranch. Chris Woolery was very instrumental in getting the program off the ground. He donated a lot of his time to the team. Eric Bradley stepped in and did a remarkable job with the girls two years ago. We can still see him walking the course at Pelican Lakes after he had surgery on both of his knees. For the last two years Sean Riley has been fantastic. He, also, has donated a lot of his time to the girls team and even opened the range to the girls before the members the last two springs.The superintendents, Craig Cahalane and Formly Wade Vecchio, are truly amazing. Each year, their crew has done a great job preparing the course.Sharon Geankopolis, who has been a little bit of everything to the girls, has always been there when the girls needed someone to lean on, and we mean lean on.The members of Cotton Ranch have been nothing but supportive. At the regional tournament two years ago, volunteers were needed to help score along with various other jobs. The members came through and made it far and away the best regional tournament we have seen the last four years. The members have been very encouraging to the girls and have never complained about sharing the course and the driving range.Finally, we owe the owners of Cotton Ranch much credit in the teams’ successes, opportunity. That is what Cotton Ranch has provided over the years. They started the high school teams, and have let EVHS call Cotton Ranch “home”. They have donated their course, their facility, and their staff to the high school teams. The results: the girls have won the past four regional championships and have finished second in state the past two years. We know of at least five girls and one boy who have received golf related scholarships. All of this because of the opportunity that Cotton Ranch has given them.As parents to one of the girls, we would like to personally thank Tim and Mara Garton and Vince Cook for everything they have done for girls golf in the valley.Art and Lynn HoehnNo to accessDear Mr. (Cal) Wettstein (Holy Cross district ranger): Thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns about Traer Creek LLC’s proposal to build a road, trail and utility corridor on an easement through national forest system lands north of Paddy’s restaurant in Eagle County. The current zoning for tract “M” is for light industrial. At the time of approval of the original planned unit development, the school was on the valley floor, located in the middle of a moderately dense residential community with pedestrian-bike trail access over I-70 from the housing complex agreed upon to satisfy the developments need for “affordable” housing. This school was moved through a series of administrative changes whose legality many citizens question. The developer has manipulated the system time and time again to minimize his costs for providing property and services that were intended to be the public benefit of this project. The developer’s request for this easement is another example of how they manipulate and misrepresent the project to obtain the largest profit possible for the good of the development at the expense of the citizens.I have attended numerous meetings with regard to this development since 1996. When the original PUD was granted, the presenters implied that parcel “M” would logically be accessed by a road and bridge across the river from the Eagle-Vail community, which is also light industrial in nature. There was no road access on the original PUD to this lot and when questioned about the nature of this plot, the developers representatives would state that this parcel and its access would be better defined once they were ready to develop and they had a vision of what was to lie there. They would also state that there was no way they would want a road to this parcel through the exclusive residential section. There have been a series of comments that have been made by the developers’ representatives to persuade the elected officials and community staff to pass or approve portions of this project. Once the approvals are gained, the developer stretches what was written as opposed to what was said. The developer shows his true colors and intentions. He is a shrewd businessman and he has manipulated this community throughout these past few years. I have read and I support Tamra Underwood’s finely detailed letter. I implore you to not become another public official who is manipulated for the good of Traer Creek at the expense of the citizens of Avon, Eagle County, Colorado and the United States of America. Amy PhillipsAvon

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