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Letters to the editor

David Le Vine

I think that if you’re the president and wish to get re-elected, your sins should not be juicy. I mean, this is a society that thrives on the escapades of Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant. We also got turned on by the sexual encounters of one William Jefferson Clinton. Conversely, simple lies, refusing to accept responsibility, or covering up for friends can be glossed over. If Ken Lay was a personal friend and a big contributor to your election, then he doesn’t get indicted. If a trusted member of your administration commits a felony when he reveals the name of a secret CIA agent, then we do a cover-up. If someone (maybe the president himself) approves vile interrogation methods, then we refuse to release pertinent memos. If the energy bill is written by executives of the energy industries, then we don’t reveal their names. If the prescription drug bill is simply wonderful for the pharmaceutical industry, then we just ignore that fact.It’s true that the struggle in Iraq and the level of employment are important issues, but honest and open government is important also – maybe more so.David Le VineAll’s fine hereI read yet another article about Red Cliff’s water and wastewater woes in your July 6 paper, and as a 24-year resident and past town council member, I’d like to comment.First, all your articles seem to insinuate that Red Cliff has been negligent in providing adequate water and sewer services to it’s townspeople. I have lived here 24 years. I am always able to flush my toilet and I’ve always had good water to drink. I, and the majority of my neighbors, have never boiled our drinking water and we don’t have giardia.Almost three years ago the town purchased a new, state-of-the-art water plant (your article erroneously said we were contemplating replacing it). Yes, we’ve had problems – some were our responsibility and some were the responsibility of the engineers and installers, who in good faith we trusted to deliver the working water plant they were paid for. Small towns have very little money and very little clout, and our council and administration has been struggling to solve this problem since it began. Your articles imply we are sitting here doing nothing, committing violation after violation. This is not true.Second, your article also implied that Red Cliff wasn’t “handing over documents” – the headline read “EPA orders Red Cliff to hand over documents.” We are in regular communication with both bureaucracies (who by the way have admitted to having lost some documents in the past), and are working out the problem. The mayor and the town administrator are working with the state and EPA to resolve this matter.How about an article that is positive, hopeful, and sheds a good light on this small community? There are many positive things going on in town. There’s been a Studio Tour each year now for seven years, when hundreds of people visit Red Cliff to enjoy and purchase the creations of 12 resident artists There’s Mango’s – the best fish taco in the county. And there are good people on the council working every day to improve our infrastructure and our neighborhood. Shame on you for implying otherwise.Red Cliff has gotten bad press for years. Sometimes the articles are even written by people who have never set foot in the town. It must be a slow day at the Daily when you throw stones at a town who is struggling with a small budget and the many problems that exist in the few remaining tiny mountain communities. There’s too much negativity in the world. How about something good for a change?Sydney SummersWorking togetherRecently there was a Tipsline comment about the Eagle County assessor. The caller stated among other things that the Assessor’s Office had not been supportive of the Clerk’s Office. This statement is not accurate, and I cannot imagine its source. During the year and a half that I have been in office, my staff and I have worked diligently to review and make the necessary corrections to the voter registration logs and the taxing districts associated with each physical address in our records. This type of review is critical to ensuring that each voter is allowed to vote on races or issues associated with the districts they live in and pay taxes to. Taxing district combinations are assigned by the Eagle County assessor. Coordination between our offices to ensure that each physical address is properly assigned its taxing districts is therefore vital to accuracy. On the many occasions when I have needed clarification about an address, or asked the assessor’s staff to help connect a physical address to an assessor’s parcel number, they have accommodated my requests in a timely and professional manner. In this and all other regards, the Assessor’s Office has been very supportive of the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.Teak J. SimontonEagle County Clerk and Recorder Despicable Marxist gadfly Michael Moore earlier this year paraphrased an old country song when he said that President Bush had “shot a man in Tucson just to watch him die.” I ask fair-minded, good-hearted people to imagine what if a Republican had said that Sen. Edward Kennedy drove his car into a river “just to watch a woman die”? (And Kennedy really was responsible for the death of a woman in such a manner.) Moore’s remarks are, as always, despicable. Yet Democratic leaders continue to support him, buying his books in bulk to give the appearance of a widely read, run-away best seller. Yes, image over substance is everything to Democrats. Basically, Moore is little more than an antisocial college dropout with an eating disorder whose massive inferiority complex has him craving the fickle attention of the Hollywood crowd. Hate-mongering is a terrible price to pay, Michael, for such a fleeting fancy. Mike Spaniola VailIdeas for flagWell, I’m no World War II veteran, so who cares what I think, but couldn’t we:– Use tax money to acquire the land around the flagpole and have it dedicated as open space forever and ever?– Make it non-smoking?– Double the fines for speeding around it?– Build a monorail to it?At the dedication ceremony, wouldn’t it be nice if we:– Reintroduce a wolf?– Hang Mike Cacioppo in effigy from it?– Burn the flag?Patrick WaldonAvonAppreciates effortI would like to just say thank you to Mrs. McKinney for organizing the Eagle Flight Days Talent Show. I know you must put an enormous amount of effort and work into it. It is so nice to see other children and teenagers in the community get together and perform. I love participating, and am so grateful for the chance to perform. I’ve participated in the talent show for the past three years, and look forward to next year.Jessie Hanson

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