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Letters to the editor

Jim Owen

I have watched with interest the unfolding controversy between the desire to mitigate highway noise and the desire to maintain visual contact between the traveller and the village. In France we travelled through a city that solved the problem with a large wall along the thoroughfare. It appeared to be constructed of a painted metal superstructure or frame with huge plexiglass panels in between. The residents were protected from the worst of the noise and the travelers were treated to the visual highlights of the city as they sped past. Why not give it a try? Could it be worse than 50 empty semi-trailers end-to-end along the highway? Jim OwenVailTired of discussionEnough already about the flag and its standard, i.e. pole. The subject has been written on, walked on, twisted, garbaged and insulted in as many ways as is possible.Commercialism seems to be a favorite topic. The only things any flag can sell are patriotism and respect. Neither costs a cent, farthing or peso; whatever your currency. For those who have complained in that vein, how much did you pay for it? Commercialism implies a business transaction. Do you think Wal-Mart or Home Depot gives Mr. Lindholm a percentage of their profits each day because the pole and flag are in adjacent parking? Are there any advertising signs on or about the flagpole? Why should the flag of Mexico be flying from the pole? Colorado has never been part of Mexico and never will be.Although many words have been printed stating clearly that there is only one person who has the authority to do anything about the flag display: Mr. Lindholm. There is not any law from the United States down through the design review board of Traer Creek Development prohibiting Mr. Lindholm’s costly patriotic gesture. I do not believe that one single commercial establishment in the Eagle River and/or Vail Valley will profit a measurable amount because the flag is there.For all of you who like to complain, incognito, I suggest attendance at county planning meetings; county commissioner sessions; design review board meetings in your area of residence; and town council or metropolitan district meetings. Hardly a shovel of dirt or pounding of a nail can occur in Eagle County without study, argument or planning and approval by one of the above. You elected the members of those boards and commissions to regulate the development of this area. Your two cents worth of approval or complaint at one of those meetings will not only educate you about coming actions and projects, but you won’t have to waste your time telephoning Tipsline, without identifying yourself, with a complaint that should be at best in the comic section.Frank Doll

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