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Letters to the editor

Mikki Futernick

I have been stewing over the Vail Daily’s coverage of the International Court of Justice’s opinion that was in the paper (recently). While the headline is correct, it does not tell the true story of this issue. You would have presented a truer picture of the issue had you chosen to use the picture of the U.S. justice, Thomas Buergenthal, who dissented from that opinion instead of the picture you chose to use of the Israeli ambassador to the U.N. who was willfully excluded from the court’s membership by bigotry. Under Buergenthal’s picture you could have put his dissenting opinion. He said that the court should not have ruled until it had considered “all relevant facts bearing directly on issues of Israel’s legitimate right of self defense.” He also said the impact of “repeated deadly terror attacks was something never seriously examined by the court.”While I am certain that most residents of the Vail Valley do not have any interest in the genocide that is going on in the Sudan, there are large numbers of Vail Valley residents who are interested in what is happening to and in Israel. I would like to set the record straight on this issue. Virtually every democracy voted AGAINST the court’s taking jurisdiction over the fence case, while nearly every country that voted to take jurisdiction was a tyranny. For instance, Secretary of State Colin Powell said, “We didn’t think it should have gone to the court in the first place.” Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry issued a statement expressing “deep disappointment” in the ICJ and affirming that “Israel’s fence is a legitimate response to terror that only exists in response to the wave of terror attacks against Israel.”By omitting these statements and others like it from important people in the Western world, your article implied that the ICJ ruling was broadly accepted, which it was not.The security fence has already proven itself as an essential deterrent against Palestinian terrorism, but even it doesn’t provide 100 percent protection. The security fence is a temporary and nonviolent way to reduce terrorism. It is already saving lives. Israeli officials assure the world that when the violence stops, the fence will be taken down.Finally, your last paragraph of this short article that says the “court’s opinions are nonbinding but bear moral and historic political weight” is once again misleading. The ICJ court has issued 24 ADVISORY opinions since 1947, most of which have been ignored, including the opinion against the U.S. involvement in Nicaragua in 1984 or Argentina’s rejection of a 1977 ICJ ruling that granted Chile domination over disputed islands. Israel is under neither a moral or legal obligation to give any weight to this predetermined opinion. I hope that Israel will never sacrifice any life on the debased alter of “international justice.”Mikki FuternickVailBiggest yetThe Gypsum Daze Talent Show was the biggest ever! Winners in the 5-12 age group were: first place, Erika Taylor, who won with a cute violin-comedy act; second, Kristopher Thornton; and third, Troy Harris and Emily Kingston. In the teen category first place went to Jessica Hansen, whose tsunami talent showed in her rendition of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Second place went Noel Legace, and third to the band 10th Flavor (Nate Hanen, Jon Armstead and Blake Gruber). All contestants were wonderful.Thank you to our volunteer judges, Ruth, June and Kathy. Special thanks to RON BEARD for his fantastic MC work, Tim and David McMichael, Jennifer Walck and Marti Book for their fabulous assistance! I could not have done it without them! The town of Gypsum has been tremendous with their help in funding the talent show. Thank you for a great place to live!Melanie McMichael

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