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Letters to the editor

Marc Henessee

On Wednesday night, July 21, it was admitted and is public record by Mr. Isom and other development team members for Minturn Towne Homes that the proposed hairpin turn around would not accommodate large fire trucks.It is my opinion that the fire district has been given limited information on the size and design of the hairpin turn around and thus misled.Three- and four-story structures require access by large ladder trucks on a timely basis. Tenants of these structures may be required to be certified in jump practice with the use of parachutes.As stated, large trucks would have to take a longer route to get to the development, which is noted as two minutes. Large trucks respond to other emergencies besides fires. Your child, relative, friend is lying on the floor blue, with airways blocked. Ah what the hell, what’s another two minutes? I suggest everyone hold their breath for two minutes and discover what a very long time this is. Developers have the land and capability to provide life safety access. It is portrayed that two minutes is no big deal. Two minutes in many cases is the difference between life and death. It was also pointed out by the development team and owner that areas in Bachelor Gulch do not have the proper access. Two wrongs do not make a right. Are we to overlook life safety issue because someone else did it wrong and take the approach that “they did it wrong, why can’t I?”Marc HenesseeMinturnNoise solutionWhile visiting Vail and staying at the Willows, I’ve enjoyed the weather, flowers, mountain views and hikes and the people. The noise and inherent tension that comes with construction and highway noises leaves me less at peace with surroundings than is possible in such a natural beautiful and satisfying place. As for the construction I don’t have an answer. When there is a lot of money, it often seems things need change even if we can live with it.I’d like to offer an idea for highway noise suppression. Trees and shrubs in a mixed hedgerow have been used for this kind of work in parts of the U.S. and Europe. They do an excellent job and offer these positive attributes. They are beautiful, natural, inexpensive and will clean the car exhaust to boot! Different species have different terminal heights and can be matched to the surrounding needs for views or greater suppression of noise. A good living solution may be trees.Kevin JonesEugene, Ore.A great tributeI am what many call a “seasonal regular.” And I really like the new Avon flagpole. It is in a location where the wind catches it allowing it to stand out full length. I think it is beautiful and a great tribute to the U.S.A. Heaven knows we need some pluses in this world of minuses.Anne ReedBachelor Gulch and HoustonPoisoning well?”Kobe Bryant’s comeuppance,” by Don Rogers: Great piece of writing. I think I understand the sentiment behind it, in that the community needed the publicity surrounding the case like they needed a bad migraine. But don’t you think that you are essentially poisoning the water that you all plan to drink from here? If the verdict out of Eagle comes over as blatantly biased, the reputation of the town and by extension that of Colorado is shot. I see no gain here in spreading negative sentiments about Mr. Bryant because if you really believe that the justice system works for the good of all, you would not be trying to influence it. The whole episode is regrettable and I am sure both parties involved wish that they had never met each other, I believe a fair and openly honest verdict one way or another would not only enhance the image of the court but will be a victory for the people of Eagle, Colorado, as well. I fail to see how this commentary that you have written benefits anyone in any way. I know most journalists don’t read their mail, but I have to write this because I believe that every newspaper is the soul of the community that it serves. Joseph NnadiDallasAbsurdPlease, Ms. Stewart get real (July 22 letter): The flag is a “terrible blight on the landscape” and “it is sad not to be able to see the landscape”? Apparently Ms. Stewart, you were able to climb the pole, wrap yourself in the flag, forever blinding yourself. Tell me, while you were up there, was it written on the flag buy at Wal-Mart? Hundreds of square miles of beautiful country but all you can see is the flag? How absurd.Arthur KittayEagle

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