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Letters to the editor

Michael Gallagher and family

What a blessing it is to live in Minturn, and work in Eagle County. What a magnificent community you have made! What a privilege it is to serve you.As you may be aware, I have recently undergone intense examination and testing looking for the cure for the neuropathy that has beset me. The county provides very good medical insurance; but the substantial cost of traveling many thousand miles and living away from home for many weeks is not included. And there is the addition of lost wages by family members who accompanied me and chauffeured me about.Some local folks (the Turntable Cafe Gang) became aware of this, and made me the beneficiary of the Minturn Centennial Bingo to assist my family with the recent expenses. These ladies: Cindi Media, Pat Salazar, Joyce Bellm, Jacque Lovato, Debbie Gustafson, Dolores Esparsen and the inestimable Darla Goodell are all marvelous doers of good will. They organized the event and marketed the event and made it happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!I also thank all the wonderful people; the individuals and businesses that so openhandedly and kindly contributed money to the event and made it a gift to my family and me. Each one of you demonstrates the attitude and actions which make ‘community’ and which strengthens that community’s values and ideals.Once again, I am overwhelmed by the generosity and caring of the people of Minturn and Eagle County. There are not words enough to express my appreciation for the thoughtful support, the firm encouragement and the sincere prayers that my family and I have received from you. Truly, you live that love which we are taught.Again, thank you so much! And may you each enjoy His peace and blessings.Michael Gallagher and family MinturnA criticApplaud Polly Letofsky for her ’round the world walk as an athlete on an adventurous stunt, but as an ambassador for breast cancer … fuhggeddaboudit!This breast cancer survivor finds Letofsky’s a miserable spokesman for breast cancer awareness. Her comments on India were offensive, and her rambling about her own privileged life insensitive to the world around her.Letofsky showed a complete lack of compassion in her writings on sub-continental Indian culture. At best, her complaints about non-support for her project were naive and egotistical.In most developing counties, non-privileged populations are simply trying to survive malnutrition and AIDS and malaria and war.She seems surprised that some people were less than forthcoming or probably even found her ridiculous. Can’t she understand that they would have to work for months just to purchase the shoes or backpack she was wearing?…If they could find a paying job.I would gladly again lose both my breasts, than to live for one year the life of a woman of average income in Somalia, Haiti, or many parts of Latin America.Recognized causes of breast cancer are obesity, alcohol consumption and an inactive lifestyle.Letofsky would better serve the cause by joining those in our society who take on the powerful food conglomerates, alcohol advertisers and a lifestyle right here in America that enslaves many women who do not come from privileged families into holding down two and three jobs just to keep a roof over their kids’ heads.These women have neither energy, time nor money to join a gym or even take a daily walk around the block, much less around the world.Eileen RoweVailRight for jobFor months, the Bush campaign has been spending millions to paint John Kerry as a flip-flopper. But anyone who saw Kerry’s speech at the Democratic convention should be able to see right through those attacks. Throughout his life, John Kerry has always stood up for what was right, whether it was popular or not. He is a strong man, a man of integrity, and a man of character. Negative character attacks can only work if we can’t see the truth for ourselves. But anyone who saw Kerry’s speech knows that he speaks the truth loud and clear. John Kerry will restore respect, honor, and credibility to the White House. He is the right man for the job.Merri OakleyEdwards

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