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Letters to the editor

Arthur Kittay

Harry Truman came from obscurity to be one of our greatest presidents because of his courage. He was a Democrat, the party of appeasement and loving-kindness. No Mr. Nice guy for Harry, though, there was too much at stake. He bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to stop a war that would have killed many more thousands of Americans. I guess the liberals of today would call that inhumane. I call it smart. Unfortunately the young Democrats of today were not around to truly understand the severity of that situation.The Middle East, particularly Iran, has been beating the drums of war for many years and the world has been using the longest four-letter word there is, appeasement. Islam, Iran just don’t seem to get it. Threatening a pre-emptive strike against the U.S. and Israel if we attempt to put their nuclear capabilities out of business is foolish. What will they do it with? Of course I am assuming that we knock out their nuclear capabilities. John Kerry would use the gentler and kinder method, appeasement. He certainly is no Harry Truman. A vote for Kerry will just take us down that much more with a false sense of security we cannot afford. Unfortunately, we may have to put our internal problems aside to some extent until we solve the international problem of Islamic terrorism. I am not saying that Bush can do it, just that with him and what has already been started, we do have a better chance. It wasn’t the Republicans who chopped the hell out of our military and intelligence capabilities. It was Mr. Clinton and company.Harry had the right idea. “Hit’em hard and fast.” Works every time! Harry Truman, the Democrat and true patriot. What has happened to us? Why are we so soft and letting our enemy crap all over us? Is this why we fought WWII? I lost relatives in WWII, and watched other families suffer from “Russian Jew hating.” I really don’t want to watch a Third World country threaten the very existence of Israel and the U.S. with nuclear weapons. The time is now. We have to stop them. Like I said, Harry knew what to do.Arthur KittayEagle Good on you, PollyI was extremely interested to meet this lass that was “Walking round the world, raising awareness and funds to help search for the answers to breast cancer, or even just to support women that were suffering or had suffered the horrendous life upheaval due to this invasion!” I must say when Polly Letofsky arrived in Howard, Queensland, Australia, I and the others from the town that greeted her were not disappointed. The message she delivered was received and passed on time and again. The memory of that meeting and the messages relayed will not be forgotten. I just wanted to say good on you, Polly, and no matter how different life might seem to you now and perhaps strange after your journeying to settle down again, it is worth remembering all the good that you have achieved and the countless people you have touched. I am sure that there is a much greater awareness in the world now and you have, and will have, saved many lives. Some of these people may only now have settled back into a normal life again, because of early detection and treatment, and this is something of what you have done for the people of the world. Good on you Polly. J. Paul Sysum Queensland, Australia

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