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Letters to the editor

Bob Fiske

Back in March the Vail Daily printed a letter I had written regarding President Bush and Sen. Kerry being members of The Order of the Skull & Bones, a secret society that is part of what conspiracy theorists call the New World Order. A few days later I received a letter with no return address that showed a picture of a skull and bones, and a message: “BARBARIAN – BEWARE. WE ARE WATCHING YOU-322I laughed, assuming some idiot friend of mine sent it. A few weeks later I was reading up on Skull & Bones and learned that S&B are known as Chapter 322 and refer to non-members as “gentiles” and “vandals.” I began to wonder if S&B was really sending me a veiled threat? Are they really watching me?What an honor. There are only 800 or so living Bonesmen and this group has spawned three presidents and scores of other prominent politicians and captains of banking and industry. As they enjoyed my first letter, I decided to write a second about what else I’ve learned on Skull & Bones.S&B was founded in 1832 on the campus of Yale University by Alphonso Taft and William Russell. Taft became the secretary of war in 1876, and was the father of William H. Taft, the first Bonesman president. Russell belonged to a prominent family that operated Russell & Co., and owned ships that engaged in the slave trade and, after this was banned, smuggled opium into China. Because of the nature of their business, Russell & Co. flew the well-known pirate flag over their warehouse in China, and adopted the symbol for the company.Russell visited Germany before his senior year at Yale and obtained a charter from a secret society believed to be the Illuminati. This mysterious group has been traced back to the Knights Templar, an order founded in Jerusalem in 1118 by crusading knights. Both the Illuminati and the Knights Templars used the Skull & Bones emblem.Each year 15 Yale juniors, chosen from the best families, are inducted into S&B. This is done in the basement of The Tomb, a dreary brown building on the Yale campus. Inside The Tomb, the inductees are said to be confronted by costumed figures, including a Satan and one in papal vestments, and have to lie naked in an open coffin and confess their sexual exploits. Disgusting behavior. They act like a bunch of pagans, and then call me a barbarian? Once inducted, a new Bonesman is given the name of Knight whatever.The main hall of The Tomb is decorated like a medieval gothic beer hall with, it is said, numerous human skulls and bones placed carefully around. One of the skulls is labeled Geronimo, and is said to be that of the legendary Apache warrior. It was obtained, S&B legend says, by Bonesman Prescott Bush, the president’s grandfather when he was serving as an army officer at Fort Sill.The S&B hierarchy, called Patriarchs, meets once a year on a privately owned island in the St. Lawrence River named Deer Iland. The misspelling was requested by the S&B owner, who despite having gone to Yale apparently could not spell too well. It is believed that a core group of perhaps 20-30 families run S&B. These families have strong bloodlines and are often related by marriage, and S&B has been described as a WASP group, and thought of as racist to some. Only in the last 30 years have S&B admitted blacks, gays and foreigners into their order.One thing for sure, they do not sound like a fun loving bunch of kids in a college fraternal group. Every time I think of young George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John Kerry lying naked in a coffin with their fellow Knights of the Order of the Skull and Bones standing around, I have to laugh, but this is far more serious. I would not be writing this letter if I did not feel our constitutional rights, and the constitution itself, are threatened.S&B was not the first chapter of the Illuminati in the U.S. Our first president, George Washington, was aware of their existence, and early American politician Dewitt Clinton was said to be one. They have become a secret government within our country, as well as in the United Kingdom and other Western European and Anglo-Saxon nations. The Illuminati operate outside our Constitution and outside of the law itself. Researchers have traced their origins back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria. They owe allegiance to no country or religion, and believe they are specially chosen to rule us. If all this sounds crazy, it would have to me five years ago, but much historic fact and documentation is involved.Recently I read of S&B involvement with Nazi industrialists prior to World War II that is documented in congressional records, and court and corporate documents – national archives type stuff. In October and November of 1942, 10 months after Pearl Harbor, the U.S. government seized four German-American companies under the Trading With The Enemy Act that Prescott Bush was a director or managing partner in. He had come a long way since digging up Geronimo’s skull.As a partner in Brown Brothers Harriman Bank, along with fellow Bonesman Averell Harriman, they worked with German industrialists who were early supporters of Hitler, and when the Nazis took power in 1933, helped arrange loans that went to financing the Nazi war machine. They also helped incorporate in the U.S. the Union Banking Corporation, the Hamburg-Amerika and North German Lloyd ship lines, and a steel company, with money from the German Thyssen steel company. Several of the companies were used to spread Nazi propaganda, and these were the companies seized in 1942.Bush and Harriman were able to slide out from their slimy Nazi dealings with a profit and were never mentioned in the newspapers, probably through the intervention of Secretary of War Henry Stimson, who was also a Bonesman. Certainly they weren’t the only Americans involved with the Nazi industrialists. Allen Dulles, with his brother John Foster Dulles, were New York lawyers who also had legal dealings with Nazis. The Dulles boys became members of a “fraternal” society when they attended Princeton University, and there are more secret groups at other Ivy League colleges that may well be chapters of the Illuminati.The Dulles brothers and Averell Harriman were early members of the Council of Foreign Relations, an elitist organization created in 1922 that is directed by the Illuminati and that has controlled American foreign policy for the last 60 years. John Foster Dulles became secretary of state under Eisenhower in 1953, with Allen Dulles appointed director of the CIA. Powerful people in powerful positions. They helped Prescott Bush get elected senator from Maine, and Averell Harriman became Lyndon Johnson’s ambassador to Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.The known abuses of power by Allen Dulles would take another letter to tell, and if we believe everything that has been written of him, he could be the most treacherous American traitor since Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr. He worked for the Illuminati, and not for the American people. Virtually all CIA directors since Dulles have been Council of Foreign Relations members, including the most recent candidate, Porter Gross, who is also a Yale man.I sense, as many have, that there is something wrong with the American political system if people belonging to secret societies are controlling the course of our history. I would hate to think that fellow Bonesmen and opposing presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry look down on the rest of us as “barbarians,” but they could well be just opposite sides of the Skull & Bones-Illuminati coin – heads they win, tails we lose.It’s sad that our mainstream media are also under Illuminati control. I believe most Americans would be shocked to learn how many important people in the mass media are in the Council on Foreign Relations. This is why you rarely, if never, hear about these secret groups in the news. Democracy will only survive on truth, and thank God for the Vail Daily and other newspapers that aren’t afraid to print letters like this. My purpose in writing this letter is to make others aware of what I have been learning about these secret groups, and hope that some of you will educate yourselves about them. We barbarians need to stick together and keep an eye on S&B and their Illuminati friends, and give them a message: SKULL & BONES BEWARE! WE ARE WATCHING YOU!Bob FiskeVailVail Colorado

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