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Letters to the editor

Jim Bottomley

To my Democratic friends, and to those to whom I have made contributions:I am deeply concerned that we are going to lose this election, unless Kerry and Edwards get tough and attack, with very specific examples of the deceitful and incompetent actions of the Bush administration. Too many of Kerry’s speeches sound like the cheerleaders at the Democratic convention, lacking substance. Hit them hard, backed up with facts.Here are some examples:Karl Rove’s comments that this war would not cost the Americans one cent. That it would be paid for with oil! this clearly shows the Bush Cheney mindset when they ignored the need to complete the job in Afghanistan. When that excuse did not work, they went to other reasons, equally misleading. (WMD) and Al Qaeda. Hit them hard on this. It is clear evidence of their deceit, and lack of judgment.Bush never mentions tax breaks to the rich. Ask him why. The only part of the economy that really benefited was Neiman-Marcus and similar stores. It certainly did not affect in a positive way my index shares which are supposed to represent the best corporations in America.The Medicare bill is a fraud. Seniors are not stupid. It is a monument to successful lobbying, and Republican greed.Bush now talks about personal Medicare savings accounts. Ask him how does a Wal-mart employee making $8,000 a year put aside savings for Medicare and social security? What good is a tax break for these people who don’t make enough to pay taxes?Hit him hard on the no-bid contracts in Iraq. Why have the efforts to examine the cheating disappeared from the papers? Who is keeping this quiet?Senator Lautenberg introduced a resolution to expose Halliburton’s activities in Iran. It was killed by Frist. We should be very aggressive on this subject. Was Cheney involved? Ask the question.It’s interesting to see that the Chinese and Japanese have been the largest buyers of our billions in Treasury bonds sold to finance our huge deficit spending. Does this give them leverage to resist reforming their currency and duties on American products which of course contributes to our huge and growing trade deficit?Kerry was right to oppose Vietnam. It was based on deceit, and we lost 57,000 of our best young men and women, and countless wounded. One of the great tragedies was the dragged out negotiations in Paris to save face while people like Kerry were trying to stop the war. And every day more lives were lost.Last I think we need to bring into our discussions the idea that Kerry and Edwards can restore World Peace, only through diplomacy, working with other nations, to bring support to Islamic lands, especially in better education. Brutal military actions enrage these young people in their present hopeless situation. This is the only way to defuse the small minority that use religion to do evil.Last, I want you to know that I served in WW2 (unlike Bush and Cheney). I was an officer in the Merchant Marine on oil tankers, carrying, at times, high-octane gasoline for the air force in the Pacific. I have a need to speak out to stop this assault on our civil liberties, and this fiscal insanity by the Bush administration.Jim BottomleyAvonQuality of MinturnThe proposed RV park is an oxymoron.When I think of a park, I think of trees, open spaces with grass and flowers, a playground and picnic tables.I don’t think of recreational vehicles. Perhaps we should call it what it is: a parking lot. Filled with gargantuan vehicles erupting from the valley, it might actually look more like an RV dealership plunked on the edge of town by an enterprising entrepreneur. As a consequence, Main Street might end up looking (and sounding) less like the quaint center of Minturn and more like a dedicated thoroughfare for lumbering behemoths searching for a watering hole.Ah, the blare of horns, the grinding of gears, the rumble of tires – all the things that led us away from I-70 and to Minturn.We’re not serious, are we? Do we really want this in our midst?I personally do not believe that the trade-off is worth it, and encourage all voters to think about the qualities of Minturn, not just the presumed economic benefits. Barry KnightMinturn Not fit for this dutyKerry missed 76 percent of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings before 9/11 and didn’t show up for any hearings for a year after 9/11. He must have had something more important to do. Like what?We need a president that shows up for work. Being president is a full-time job. If you actually think that all the problems of the economy, terrorism, social security and Medicare can be solved with just words from a senator that only shows up for work on a part-time basis, you might consider Kerry. Otherwise, use your head. Vote for Bush.Peter SwitzerWolcottI’ve had itI’m glad to see that at least one company understands that keeping employees is better than continually training new ones. Eagle County, especially the bus department, could learn a lot from Jay Rocha. Instead of improving employee relations, the new management has done everything in its power to ruin them. Examples: No drivers’ meetings to even introduce the new boss to the drivers or explain changes in policy. These are done by memos. Our seniority was changed from date of hire to a system based on hours worked. And then, of course, after the first month the method of calculating hours worked was changed. Mine came out incorrect, big surprise. Then the method of choosing the most important part of our jobs was changed – schedules. Now there were some abuses in the old method, but instead of making the necessary changes, they revamped the system so that no one I know was happy. Drivers who were late night drivers had to drive early mornings and early morning drivers had to drive late nights. This is to let the public know that all driver privileges were eliminated and a draconian style of management has been installed. I made complaints to my supervisors about these unacceptable changes and after one year of beating my head against the unresponsive wall “of who cares what you think,” I quit.Tim HawkinsStill closed?As regular summer residents in Vail for 20 years, we love your village for all its charm, hospitality and serenity.The biggest disappointment this year is to find the Alpenrose closed for ongoing construction.What should have been finished by mid-June is still far away from completion.We miss our daily walk to this truly exquisite place of great food, comfort and congeniality.To reopen the Alpenrose should be a top priority on the Vail Village agenda!Eldon and Nora SmithVail, Colorado

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