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Letters to the editor

Dennis Greg

Can someone tell me …Where does all the money go?Microsoft was fined $650 million. Who’s got it?The FCC waged a huge fine against the television station that aired the Janet Jackson incident. Who has all this money?And these are just two incidents in the course of one year.Does the IRS get a cut? They must. They take a cut of everything else that isn’t theirs. But somehow it must be considered income to somebody.If so, the IRS would be collecting enough money to pay the national debt in about four weeks.I know that’s an exaggeration. It would take at least six weeks.Of course, this doesn’t include fines handed down daily by our court system to individuals.If you read the new spending bill Congress is about to pass, there is a provision in this document for a new presidential yacht. Maybe that’s where it goes. Do we get to ride? We paid for it.Anyway, it would be really nice to get an answer.Dennis GregGypsumDon’t forget libraryThank you TOV for providing such a first class library. I have been using the Vail library since 1984 and have been impressed with how helpful the librarians are. They keep the technology and collections current even though the budget is always very tight.This week I had my first opportunity to use the children’s room because my grandson was visiting Vail. He is almost 2 and already loves books. I wish you could have seen his face when I opened the glass doors to the children’s room and he saw all the stimulating toys and books there. It was a priceless expression of a whole new world to explore.As Vail invests in the billion dollar renewal, I hope that some funds can be allocated to update the library from both a size and technology point of view. The library is one of the jewels of Vail that often seems to get overlooked when funds are stretched thin. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place of learning, and please make sure it keeps pace with the renewal of the rest of the town. Barbara JeanProud dayI would like to thank all of the wonderful people that helped put on a great Veteran’s Day ceremony at Avon Elementary on Nov. 12. A huge thank you to the Comerford family and Edwards Subway for donating yummy sandwiches for the veterans. A very warm thank you to the Columbine Bakery and the Niederhauser family for donating yummy cookies, danishes, and coffee for the veterans. Thank you to Karyl Petruccione for helping me before and during the assembly, I could not have done it without you! Thank you to Deb Robbins for all of your help with everything. Most of all, thank you to the Minturn VFW veterans for joing us at Avon Elementary, educating our students, and making us proud to be Americans!Kim KohlhoferMusic TeacherAvon ElementaryUseless lawI just got a couple more of those privacy notices from credit card companies. I don’t think they serve any useful purpose. Does anyone read them? I wonder what they cost the consumers, since I doubt the companies take it out of their executives’ salaries. But I understand why they do it. They are just complying with some federal law that is meant to DO GOOD. This is just one example of the unforeseen (I hope) consequences of legislation. It seems no one goes back to fine tune these laws after their unfortunate effects become apparent. Why is that? I should think that it would be politically advantageous to let people know their representatives are paying attention to such matters, and tidying things up where needed. Terry QuinnEagleGood reason to ‘whine’This letter addresses the Tipsliner who thought David Le Vine is a whiner. You probably haven’t noticed more soldiers getting killed in Iraq and the election date in that country still in doubt, even as insurgents pop up elsewhere. You probably haven’t noticed your basic freedoms being eroded by a Republican-sponsored spending bill that gives anyone in Congress or working for them the right to look at your income tax return, which had previously been confidential information, even from them. You probably won’t notice Butch Mazzuca’s recent urgent plea for some fiscal sanity from this administration that might help keep this great nation of ours from going straight to hell. Tack onto all of the foregoing the reality that a changeover in Social Security to some privatization will cost the federal government billions, and even trillions, which will have to made up by issuing bonds at ever-increasing interest rates, and you might just begin to see why Mr. LeVine is a little concerned. You probably think this great nation of ours will just keep perking along on Starbuck’s lattes and Budweiser just like it always has. Tell you what: I’ll bet you’re not old enough to have lived through something in our history called the Great Depression. I’m not, either. But I know enough to know that what caused it is happening again. The beauty is after two or three more Republican administrations, they won’t be able to say it was the fault of the Democrats. They’ll have the cat’s crap for dinner all to themselves.Gus Nicholson Vail, Colorado

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