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Letters to the editor

Tavius Sims

If only things were as simple as our little friendly town of Minturn. But no, they surely are not. For instance, our government has felt the need to fluoridate our nation’s water supply for the past 50 years. Why? Recently, the leading expert on fluoride in Canada, Dr. Hardy Limeback, head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto, met with colleagues and students to admit that he’s been wrong all these years and that he never should have supported fluoride usage. He also said heíd irresponsibly never really read the toxicology reports which supported his claims over the past 15 years. Last spring, Dr. Limeback publically apologized for his error in judgment and was man enough to admit it to his entire country. He also stated that children under 3 should never have exposure to fluoride or fluoride toothpastes. It’s interesting to know that sodium fluoride is specifically mentioned in the Geneva Convention as a crime against humanity. Hitler did it, yet it is routinely added to nearly all the drinking water in the United States. One of the side effects of consuming fluoride is that it accumulates in bones and makes them brittle over time. Maybe this is one reason the U.S. is No. 1 in osteoporosis.? It takes some simple research on fluoride to realize there is nothing good about it and the reasons behind why industrial byproduct fluoride is diluted into our water supplies.Dr. Limeback foresees a day when lawsuits similar to those that came crashing down on the tobacco industry will soon do the same to the folks who have been responsible for poisoning our public water supplies for so many years. (Fluoridation in Holland is actually illegal and in most of Europe.)The other topic I had time to reacquaint myself with today was the issue of trans-fatty acids. These fats are found in products with hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated oils or shortenings. They are added primarily to extend shelf life because they are highly stable and increase flavor factor. I learned about these oils while at CSU and since 2001 I’ve quit eating anything with those ingredients listed on the box. Recently there was a Nabisco commercial on the TV that was introducing “trans-fatty free” Wheat Thins. I used to speak of a day when Wheat Thins would be “trans free” and now they are. So now I can go back to one of my old favorites after having abstained for three years. I’m very excited. The interesting thing about trans-fats, which most people knew nothing of until just recently, is that the debate about their safety has been ongoing since the 1950s among food agencies, researchers and industry lobbyists. Apparently certain people have been trying to keep others quiet.So finally, it appears, that in the early years of 2000 we are seeing that the forces of good have prevailed and the trans-fatty people are now having to fess up and actually correct the dangerous trans-fatty foods that they have been offering to us that make up the majority of products on our store shelves. Some studies dating back to the 1950s showed an increase of coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity in mice when fed trans-fatty acids vs. regular vegetable oils. And wow, look at four of our epidemic-like health concerns within the American populace today! These ingredients are everywhere, and they oxidize in the body and make humans warp. These are just two of the nutrition and health issues that I have been spreading the word on for years but I felt it time to share these thoughts with all the wonderful people who read the Vail Daily. It just may be that lawsuits also chase down the people responsible for hiding the truth behind trans-fatty acids. Already, the company that produces Oreo cookies is facing huge litigation for the dangerous ingredients in those devilishly good little cookies. Tavius SimsAvon Who’s the dummy?To Anne Harris of Vail: I am the not-so-young-but-thanks-for-the-thought “dummy” who was walking down Lions Ridge Loop on Dec. 2 about 7 p.m. Believe this, Ms. Harris, my life was not in danger. It sounds as if yours was. I observed exactly where you were, how you were driving, and I moved accordingly. I was well off to the side of the road, and you were nowhere near me when you passed. But you could not know that. Your high beams did not “sufficiently illuminate” my flourescent jacket (for night bike-riding) because you were out-driving them. You “fish-tailed five times” because, as your own letter states, the road conditions were ice and snow pack, you were driving a multi-ton, top heavy vehicle at high speed on a dark road, and you could not see! As you also state that you are aware of the lack of a guardrail, please tell the readers – and your passengers – who is the dangerous and irresponsible one.I walk toward (not as you say “in”) the middle precisely because of people like you. It is a self-preservation practice that those of us who walk for exercise learn from experience – it provides the option of which way to dive.As far as ensuring “this does not happen again,” Ms. Harris, be accountable for your own behavior. I also invite you to come walk with me sometime (day or night), observe how people drive, particularly in SUVs, and we will test your concept of “beyond belief.”And to the editors of the Daily who title the letter section, please define “dummy” in light of the above.Tom GormanVailSpecial greetingsIt’s that wonderful time of the year again and I would like to send some very special Christmas greetings. First of all – to those of you who don’t litter our highways or public places, and secondly, to those of you who participate in the clean-up campaigns. Next, I would like to wish the best to all you gentle drivers who stay within the posted speed limits and who take the few extra moments to accommodate pedestrians, bikers and other motorists. Then, too, I would wish the best to those who hold the door open at the post office for someone else who is entering and any of you who say “excuse me” when your cart blocks the aisle at the City Market. Hurrah for the ski lift operators who wear funny hats and say, “Have a good one.” And finally, my very best wishes to those of you who merely say, “Good morning,” as I pass by. I would suggest that these simple acts and words help to make this valley a delightful place to live. And so, I reiterate, to all of you – Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!David Le VineVail, Colorado

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