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Letters to the editor

Honest people

Holiday greeting and I would like to make you aware of a happy guest experience on Vail Mountain, on Wednesday, Dec. 22.

Mr. Lou Taylor, a friend and out-of-town guest, went skiing via Chair 8 in Lionshead.

At the top of Chair 8 he rearranged his ski clothes and boots and unknowing to him dropped his wallet.

At the end of a nice ski day, Lou realized his wallet was lost.

I immediately called Vail Resorts security and after a short time they informed me that they indeed had the wallet which contained a fair amount of cash.

Mr. Taylor received his wallet at the Lionshead ski headquarters and gave the VR employees a nice tip.

The point is we all hear the bad stories and I therefore would like to say thanks to an unknown Vail Resorts employee or skier who turned in Lou’s lost wallet.

This was a good experience for Lou and it reminds us there are still large numbers of honest people among us.

Bob Walsh


Oh thank you

My name is Cindy Lefebvre and I work for the Vail Human Resources Department in Vail. This letter was given to me to mail to the Vail Daily. I believe that sometimes Vail Resorts is portrayed as the “big bad beast” and this really made me proud to work for this company.

Here is the letter from Lou Taylor:

I’ve been skiing at Vail almost every year since 1968. Your resort and it’s visitors and employees never cease to amaze me. They seem to visit and work at Vail for its most honest and pleasurable experience, as well as its great mountain.

This year on Dec. 22, at around 11 a.m. as I got off chair 8 in Lionshead, I made an equipment change and I lost my wallet with my ID and lots of money in the clip ($2,000). It was below zero degrees and I was going to lift No. 2. Three hours later, after a great day of skiing, as I prepared to change into party clothes, I discovered my loss.

I asked Bob Walsh from Charlie’s T-Shirt Co. to please call the Vail Ski Patrol and see if by some miracle someone might have found my wallet. Within two minutes, Bob told me that the wallet was found, turned into the lift operator, and was returned to me totally intact with all the money, my credit cards as well as my drivers license.

Later in the day I learned that some woman skiing with her family had turned the wallet into the lift operator. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, all the parties involved for making my Vail experience one of the most memorable, exciting and amazing. I expected that because it was Vail, nothing could blemish my yearly vacation of joy and I was correct!

Vail, your employees and your visitors are the BEST.

Lou Taylor

Wichita, Kan.

Thanks again

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Grand Avenue Grill for hosting our recent fund-raiser. This was our most successful fund-raiser to date! We would also like to thank the Vail Daily for helping us get the word out.

We appreciate all of the parents and community members who came to dine at the Grand Avenue the night we waited tables ” we appreciate the continued support from our wonderful community.

We would also like to encourage the community to support local businesses such as the Grand Avenue Grill. These are the businesses who support us and the rest of our athletic programs.

Thank you!

The Eagle Valley High School Dance Team

Seeking Darren

It has been almost a year to date since I last wrote you. I wrote of a man named Darren whose birthday is July 5 and he grew up in upstate New York.

When I knew him, he lived on the side of the mountain in Vail. I met him through his sister. I am still trying to find him. I am moving to Denver in two months and would like to know where he is.

Is there anyone that can help me? Anyone? I don’t even know if he is still out there, and I don’t know how to find him. All I know is that I have to try.

If this Darren may sound like someone you know, please contact me, and let me know, or give him my information and tell him to contact me.

Autumn from Iowa; autumnmbc@yahoo.com

Autumn Langholz

Minneapolis, Minn.

Vail Colorado

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