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Letters to the editor

Brian Nolan

Bravo! Encore! Congratul-ations to John Brenzda and the Eagle County School District staff and board in their efforts to get out to the community with the Coming Attractions program. The presentation was brief, concise, informative and very easy to digest. More importantly, the time for all of the participants to review and brainstorm about our county’s future in regards to growth, class size, class logistics and school buildings was exciting. I encourage every person with a child who will be attending our local schools now, or in the future, to take the very little time now to give these folks your input, and to help them in making the decisions for all of our future. They are asking for your help and participation – give it to the.Brian NolanView from seatsHello I am writing this letter in regards to the Eagle Valley High School boys basketball team. EV has had a rich tradition in basketball under former coaches Phil Cain and Dave Scott, to mention a few. As a former EVHS student, I was disappointed in Saturday’s game against rival Battle Mountain. EV’s team has the talent and potential to do something incredible this year with the senior leadership of Cody Gerard and Kevin Cruz, to name a few. Gerard has been a star for the Devils since his freshman year, playing with such stars as Nate Rioux, Micah Bernhardt, Sam Bartlett and Craig Jagger, and receives the respect of his whole team.Under the coaching of new coach Gabriel, Gerard’s game has been hindered due to poor coaching, lack of strategy and an eagerness to put Coach Gabriel’s son into the limelight. Not taking away from young Gabriel. He is a great asset to an already spectacular Devils squad. Basketball is a team sport, and I don’t think there should be an emphasis on one player. But under Coach Cain’s tutelage, Gerard averaged close to 23 points a game with a not-so-incredible team that dominated better competition than the Devils have seen this year in some of their disappointing losses. EV has always been a fast-paced team with solid defense. I don’t know what coach Gabriel is thinking. EV should blow out their competition. There shouldn’t be any of these numerous close games that have turned out to be one- or two-point losses.I don’t think this is a reflection of the players. I know many of them and have seen their hard work and effort to keep the tradition of EV’s excellence alive. I think it is incredibly sad to see such an incredible team’s dream season ruined by a coach who couldn’t coach himself out of a paper bag. It’s disappointing to see assistant coach Pete Nolan taking a greater leadership role than the team’s head coach. Congratulations to Coach Nolan for knowing what the Devils can do and wanting to be a part of it. I wish the whole staff, mainly the head coach, was like that. But good luck, guys, in the rest of your season. You have the talent to do it and hopefully your new coach will realize it soon.Tom ZeplinGreeley Spend the $6 millionAs a lifelong resident of Eagle County and homeowner in Edwards, I want to express my full support of the use of $6 million of county funds for the preservation of the Eagle River Preserve in Edwards. I believe the Vail Valley Foundation has taken a positive step in initiating this process. With so much development taking place, I think it is imperative lands are set aside that will remain open space for future generations. The Eaton Ranch tract of land is of particular concern since the Eagle River runs through it. It would be a shame to see that pristine piece of land developed at all. I think the county commissioners should do all they can to protect these lands. Please support the Eagle River Preserve in Edwards. Gerald Gallegos Edwards Vail, Colorado

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