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Letters to the editor

Mary Louise and Allan MacRossie

We were saddened to read of Jean McGuey’s death. Allen Best’s portrayal of her was very good and brought to mind after not having seen her for some years, some wonderful remembrances of Jean.Jean was one of our first acquaintances after moving to Eagle. She liked our llamas and several times stayed with them when we went out of town. One such stay was to be for three nights one summer. It can get lonely up here and we had concerns about Jean being so isolated. We prepared for her all the comforts the house could offer.On our return, the llamas were happy and secure under Jean’s care, as was Jean. She had invited her good friend Elke to join in the llama care and they had a wonderful time. They slept outside on the deck so they could watch the stars just like the llamas do! It helps to think of Jean and Elke now together watching the stars and exploring new and old vistas. In our minds, they surely have two llamas with them to help them hum along on the trail and carry all the things needed for giggling and silliness and battery powered pepper grinders.Jean was a generous and wonderful lady and we will always remember her with fond thoughts!Mary Louise Allan MacRossieCluelessThree-hundred-and-fifty million dollars. That’s right, $350 million to people who kill and main other innocent people. That is what our government is doing to try and change the Palestinians from thugs and murderers into a civilized bunch. The unusual thing about this is that these murderers have killed U.S. citizens, and our government has done nothing about it. The PA has refused to arrest their fellow Arab terrorists who have murdered Americans John Branchizio of Texas, John Linde of Missouri, and Mark Parsons of New Jersey, just as they refused to arrest those who murdered 50 other Americans in the last two years.Mr. Abbas, Arafat with a tie, probably had a hand in these killings and now we are going to send money to him without one feeling of remorse from him. The U.S. is going to help him build an army supposedly to stop terrorism, but there is no good faith here.If he were to arrest the evildoers and extradite them to the USA for trial, we would see some progress towards peace. Now that would show responsibility to the families of these victims. Mr. Abbas finds terrorism counterproductive but he does not necessarily want to stop the war against Israel. At the present time, violence is not working.Instead, we have a new secretary of state, Ms. Rice, who has very little knowledge of the Middle East and is attempting to sell a plan for peace that will not work. She wants to take Israeli land in order to create a contiguous Palestine. It would be wonderful for Palestine, but it would destroy Israel’s security as well as its integrity. Ms. Rice is clueless and naive.I really don’t think that the administration is deliberately trying to destroy Israel, but I do think they are ill-informed and are using bad judgment. But then, thinking for a politician-statesman would probably overtax the brain.Arthur KittayEagleBeautiful dayBuddy Mentors would like to thank Kara Heide and Vail Resorts for a great day on the mountain. We appreciate the lift tickets and building facilities for the event. We are also very grateful for the ski and snowboard equipment provided by Mike Bartasius and Charter Sports. It was a beautiful day and we thank all those who made it possible.Jonathan McDonaldBuddy Mentors Vail, Colorado

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