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Letters to the editor


Dear Mr. Carnes, Mr. (or Ms., I suppose) Parker and anyone else who believes I can make a difference: Thank you for recognizing my opinion and taking me seriously. That is more than I can ask from most adults I know. Few people will do that without ever meeting the person in question.

True, I do not believe in a lot of things. However, I do believe that faith and respect can change the world. By dedicating a few, simple words to me, you have proved that I can be taken seriously. By dedicating a few, simple words to me, you very well could have changed the world, or at least given me the encouragement to do so.

I must admit, I didn’t count on getting all of the positive feedback that I have received in the past few weeks. To tell you the truth, I expected people to roll their eyes and sigh “not another radical teen-ager” (so what if i am?) or “damn communists!” (which I am not.)

I expected Richard Carnes to correct my grammar and say that I was babbling incoherently. I apologized for ever doubting Richard’s sincerity and the public’s acceptance. I am truly glad that I was wrong.

You gave me the lift of confidence I needed. Maybe now I can smoke the excesses and drink the lies to really accomplish something. You’re greatly appreciated.

P.S.: I agree with you 100 percent, Corky. I think is is an outrage that our country can send young men to war but still consider them too young to run for office. Even though that subject was voted down, at least the issue is appearing on some state agendas. From the sound of it, the state of Oregon has many progressive and free thinkers within its boundaries. I find it enthralling that a state government has even considered allowing 18-year-olds to run for office. It’s people like you, Corky, who keep America great, and even make it better. Bravo Corky Parker.

Kelly Davis


Sad loss

The man behind the camera is rarely noticed. Oliver Holley’s passing is a very sad loss for our community.

If you did not know him, Oliver was that very kind, friendly man behind the camera at many of our community meetings. He always had a smile on his face and a warm hello. He had a great sense of humor and a sense of pride in his work. By filming many of us in our trials and tribulation in public meetings, he wove a web of community for us. For me, he was the face and spirit of community TV.

When we flip through the channels, we take for granted those boring meetings on Channel 5, but realize this process is the nuts and bolts of community building. Beyond being the man behind the camera, Oliver understood and helped all of us understand our community.

To his friends and family, Oliver’s special presence in our valley will be missed.

Arn Menconi


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