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Letters to the editor

Craig Jones

I am pleased to see that a parking ticket in Vail Village has finally gotten someone’s attention. I understand that 90 percent of such tickets are thrown away, meaning that said tickets are ineffective in controlling parking, drop-off, or blocking traffic.After 10 years of begging the police department to control truck and car gridlock on Hanson Ranch Road, we finally have some control at least for four days of the week. Unfortunately, it required financial support from Vail Resorts during this construction period to provide the four days of assistance. So, if Kaye is patient she may be able to resume illegal parking in the not-too-distant future.Paul JohnstonEnough already!In less than two weeks it will be March. My small opinion is that it is either 1) way too late or 2) too … early to be playing Christmas music every hour of the day from the Clock Tower. Now everyone who knows me knows I am no Scrooge, I love all those Christmas Classics, such as “Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire” or “Osama got Run Over by a Reindeer,” but enough is enough. Think of all those Texans that come to visit have a great ski vacation and go home telling their friends, “I skied Poppyfields, ya know, in China Bowl. WOW what a run. But I gotta tell ya’ll those folks up there don’t know what time it is. They still got Christmas Music playin’ from that there Clock Tower they got. Hey, Betty May, get me another can a Lone Star beer, will ya.”I can’t believe it is a matter of money to program in a dozen or so different songs. And if it is a matter of licensing, there are a few thousand tunes in the public domain. I know. I Googled it. Heck, having a BA in music and being moderately computer savvy, I would even be willing to give it a try myself if no one else can do it.But for now, I’ll just keep cringing at my desk in Crossroads every hour on the hour.Craig JonesVailFrustratedI have purchased Vail Resorts products (lift tickets) and now have 14,000 points on my PEAKS account. However, I still cannot convert my points into any of the listed rewards because Vail Resorts says on its Web site the following: “No, PEAKS points that are earned are to be used for rewards on your next visit to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, or Heavenly, and will not be posted to your account until approximately three weeks after your visit.” But those rewards are already posted on my account and they still won’t allow me to convert points to a lift ticket. How dare Vail Resorts hold out a reward and then when a customer spends money to purchase Vail Resorts products, they cannot convert those points until some future date. How unfair to loyal Vail visitors. I have been coming to Vail for 10 years for three weeks at a time and cannot understand why customers cannot take immediate advantage of being loyal Vail fans. We are talking about ONE LIFT TICKET, after all. Sheldon FriedlandBrooklyn, N.Y.Know who you areTo the people who threw eggs at my home and on my car in Eagle-Vail Thursday night. I’m sure you thought you were just having a little fun. What you probably don’t know is that a neighbor witnessed everything and recognized you.I hate to see someone I know face charges of trespassing and vandalism. All I am need to resolve this is an apology. Call me before Friday, Feb. 25, at 949-5453 or I will have no choice but the turn the information over to the authorities.Tammy RigginAvonVail, Colorado

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