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Letters to the editor

Bob Essin

No to five county commissioners. No to home rule. For the recent past, many of the problems that the county commissioners have had with each other seem to be related to the fact that they have more than one job, sometimes with significant contacts to Vail Resorts or other companies that are controlled by or contributed to by Vail Resorts, East West Partners, Slifer Smith and Frampton. It should be a requirement or at least the voters should only vote for full-time county commissioners. If the pay for a county commissioner is too low, then raise the pay. Five part-time county commissioners would just make the problems worse. The pay and expense of five commissioners is not necessary. I am sympathetic with the people in Basalt and El Jebel who feel like they do not have sufficient representation at the county level and that their concerns are different than the residents on the other side of the mountain. I know that it would be complicated to exchange area and population between the mountain counties, but ultimately all of the counties and the state of Colorado would benefit.Bob EssinVailGo DevilsAfter reading some Tipslines about the Eagle Valley High School mascot, I feel I have to respond. Back in the ”60s, when Eagle and Gypsum formed a high school together, the student body was asked to vote between two mascots: the Devils or the Trojans. Hotstuff the Devil has been our mascot since the school was created. He is a cute baby devil with a diaper on and looks more harmless than the Arizona State Sun Devil! The Glenwood Springs Demons and the Windsor Wizards have much meaner-looking mascots.Not all Christians abhor little Hotstuff. If fact, many Christians have said they get upset when radical views taint their very serious beliefs and that a mascot is not a serious concern.A devil as a mascot encourages the practice of Satanism just like being a Steamboat Springs Sailor encourages those kids go out and buy a boat. We need to keep things in perspective. Is a devil inspirational or are we degrading the devil? Some Native Americans believe that an Indian mascot is degrading, so maybe EVHS is degrading the devil. It is all in the way you look at it.The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested the Green Bay Packers recently, quoting that the meat packer mascot “promoted violence and bloodshed.” Where will we stop? Are we degrading a husky at Battle Mountain? Are we worshipping a warrior at Grand Junction Central? Are we worshipping or degrading a skier in Aspen? Let’s use our energies in a positive way regarding our schools. We have bigger issues out there than mascots. Don’t knock tradition. I do not want our school mascots to become so politically correct that the only choices are the Feathers (oh wait, darn it, the poor birds) or the Rainbows (oh no, can’t do that one either!) GO DEVILS!Roxie DeaneEagleOn the marchTo all on that cold March 1 snowy Pentagon day at 10 a.m.: You all saved our Freedom Park Memorial Committee “Pentagon limestone pick up operation” and I cannot thank you enough (forklift not available). Your enthusiasm and help in lifting the Pentagon limestone were very much appreciated. We made it back to Vail late on Thursday, transferred the rock to the town of Vail tour truck, and at 10 a.m. on March 5 had a welcome “Freedom Rock Tour” through seven towns in the Vail Valley, followed by a rally. We had a progressive town welcome by rescue squads, fire, local police, highway patrol, sheriff, ski patrol, county commissioners, veterans, etc., and ended up in Gypsum, the Eagle County storage place for the limestone with 20 EMS vehicles. We made lots of noise going through the towns and had CBS and ABC coverage throughout Colorado, plus our local Vail Daily and Eagle Valley Enterprise newspapers’ support. We also had a local radio station 97.7 giving a play-by-play on the event. All this was possible because you volunteered to help us supervise and load a very important piece of limestone and help get it to our local Vail/Eagle Valley community! Our next challenge is to raise $2.4 million to build the Freedom Park memorials, but we have started the fund-raising with the arrival of the limestone and will make it happen! Donations to our 501(c)(3) non-profit, Freedom Park Memorial Committee, can be made to PO Box 1331, Edwards, CO 81632.Buddy SimsEdwardsVail, Colorado

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