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Vail Recreation District

The Vail Recreation District and Western Eagle County Metro Recreation District have once again combined efforts to offer valleywide soccer. Managed by the VRD, soccer has been consolidated from East Vail to Gypsum. Just two years ago, enrollment for spring soccer under the Vail Valley Soccer Club (VVSC) was approximately 280 kids. Last spring, the VRD saw over 400 kids. This year, the VRD has agreed to offer soccer both in the fall and spring to accommodate all of the demand. Already in 2005, spring soccer has reached a record 500 kids, with an anticipated over 600 kids for the upcoming fall season. We have 20 U8 teams and seven U10 teams that all play in an in-house league throughout the valley. The older age groups play in the Western Slope State League. Couple that with the high school and club teams and over 1,000 kids in this valley will participate in this booming sport. So how does the valley keep up? With the three entities (VRD, WECMRD, VVSC) working so closely together, it provides a consistency of the product offered throughout the valley and lets each organization focus on its strengths and passions. The role of the VVSC has been essential in providing head trainers, coaching education, as well as recruiting and training high quality referees. The forethought of Eagle County and WECMRD to build a first-class sports complex in Edwards has only hastened this soccer explosion. And finally, the organization and dedication of VRD Staff have all played vital parts in the program’s growth. The next dream would be an indoor soccer facility so kids and adults could play all year long. A dream that came to fruition was to teach little ones between the ages of 3-5 to grow interest in the sport, as well as teach soccer fundamentals. Currently, there are nearly 200 kids enrolled in micro soccer. This could not have occurred without Dave Cope and the Battle Mountain High School teams for running such a high quality and high demand program. We are looking forward to the Eagle Valley High School team to taking over the Micro program in the Eagle/Gypsum area this upcoming fall. It is wonderful to see the oldest youth players in the valley sharing their passion for the game with the youngest players.But with all the staff and expertise, soccer would not be a success without the countless hours of our volunteer coaches and the generous financial support of our sponsors. The following sponsors certainly deserve a huge thank you: Title Sponsor: Vail Daily. League Sponsors: American National Bank, AXA Advisors, David Honda’s Vail Sports Medicine, and Kidsport. Team Sponsors: Peak Resort Properties, Eef Productions, Tiga Advertising, Marriott Hotels of Denver, McNeill Property Management, Phillips & Associates, Alpine Lumber, Larkspur Restaurant, Wags & Whiskers, Jo Ellen Nash & Company, Gorsuch LTD, Gallegos Corporation, Pazzo’s Pizzeria, Cascade Village Theatres, Beaver Creek Resort Company, Sonnenalp Real Estate, Landmark Environments, Gore Range Brewery, Nedbo Construction, Traditions Apparel, Performance Sports, and High Country Copiers.For more information on any of our soccer programs, team sponsorship details or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach, please contact Joel Rabinowitz, VRD sports coordinator and soccer guru, at 479-2280.Vail Recreation DistrictIn memoryAbout one month ago, a group of 20 Middlebury alumni, students and friends gathered in Vail to remember and celebrate Jason Fleishman (1980 -2004). It is hard to believe that over a year has passed since we gathered in the Vail Chapel for his memorial service. This gathering marked the first annual J-Day, when Jason’s friends and family commemorated his generous and loving spirit. Jason’s commitment to helping others touched all of our lives and created a legacy of service that we will continue to follow. Following last year’s outpouring of gracious support from the Vail community, all of Jason’s friends continue to be astounded by the generosity of Jason’s hometown. J-Day and the following weekend would not have been the heartwarming and restorative experience that it was if it were not for the following people and organizations. On behalf of Jason and all of those who loved him, I would like to thank:Vail Racquet Club; Colorado Mountain Express; Vail Resorts; Vail Sports; The Donald Sigman Family; Colorado Footwear (Sally and Steve Rosenthal); John Garnsey; Holly and Buck Elliott; Barbie and Jim Allen; Michelle and Scott Hovey; Lucinda and Andy Daly; Lucy and Ron Davis.Thank you all for making the first J-Day weekend a truly spectacular event. Kent NewmanMiddlebury College Class of 2003; long-time friend of Jason Fleishman Tip makes differenceI’m a waitress in Eagle County who would like to speak out for myself and the others who choose to serve food and beverages to all of the hungry and thirsty folks here in the Vail Valley. May I first mention that it’s not a job just anybody can do. You must have the ability to be humble and compassionate to those diners that find this line of work to be something only the non-educated take on as a career. You must be very capable at multi-tasking, you must be able to stay strong under pressure and smile no matter what comes your way. I have found it amazing how angry people can get over food. Some people in the world don’t eat for days and weeks but I’ve had people threaten me because their lamb was taking more than 20 minutes! Waiting tables has many positives: cash on hand, flexible hours, free food and drink, etc. Although I find the industry conducive to my lifestyle, I have the same gripe of which I am writing about today: Undertipping! I hope as I stand up for myself and my fellow waitstaff that I don’t come off sounding greedy or arrogant. I’ll give all of you undertippers out there the benefit of the doubt by first asking, “Do you know that most waitstaff make $2.13 an hour?” I’m hoping that many of you out there not in the industry are reading this with a look of shock on your face after reading that. Let me say it again, “Most of us make $2.13 an hour.” That’s right around slave wages! We rely on our tips to feed ourselves and families, fill our cars with fuel, pay our rents and our mortgages, clothe ourselves and buy our passes amongst many other things. We rely on your tips to LIVE! The tipping percentage has been 15 percent for as long as I’ve been in the industry these last 15 years, and if anything it was probably even lower before that. What about inflation? Everything else has gone up in price except the tipping average! Now, I thoroughly understand bad service is deserving of a bad tip and I myself have at times even been deserving of a bad tip, but it’s hard for me to understand then times when someone showers me with compliments on my service and there dining experience only to finish the compliment with a 10 percent tip. We in this industry have come to know this as the dreaded verbal tip. Though they are great for the ego, they do not pay the bills. These days the average should be at least 20 percent! I often wonder if you undertippers justify a lousy tip by thinking, “Well gosh they must make lots of tips from all of these diners, so I can tip less.” What if all of the diners are thinking that? Then we make barely enough to make minimum wage. Why not at least start at 15 percent and go up from there? Are we not deserving of our paycheck? If not, why not mention it to the manager? Speak up or isn’t it fair to ask you to pay up? Nothing is more depleting to a positive outlook than doing a good job only to be denied our financial reward. I know how horrible it must sound to be thinking of the almighty dollar, but that’s how we get paid. We are not volunteers and we’re not asking for more but at least the average. And to all of the foreigners unaware of the average tip in the USA it is 15 percent, not 10 percent. Remember the $2.13-an-hour thing. Please, all of you undertippers out there, include the tip in what you have to spend on dinner. Tipping is not included in your meal. It is a part of eating out. It shouldn’t seem like an unexpected surprise or nuisance at the end of your meal. Good service deserves a good tip. If I can’t afford to tip a job well done 20 percent, than I don’t go out to eat. Remember, eating out is a luxury. Thanks very much and bon apetit.Angie Shy EagleShore, enoughA perceived deterioration of rational commentary from Daniel Shore, the 85 year old Senior News Analyst for National Public Radio (NPR) has led me to pay-off the balance of my $180.00 pledge so as to earn a DVD of the 30th anniversary show of the Prairie Home Companion.Early senility, onset of Alzheimer’s, or just blathering (the babbling of an idiot) has grown more repetitive and irritating, over the last 5 or 6 years.His denial of an apparent trend of self-destruction within the liberal branch of the Democratic Party leaves him stuttering and nearly inarticulate if he has to report a positive event in Iraq such as the scheduled election being accomplished on the scheduled date.The NPR has always been more liberal than moderate in mine and many other radio voiced opinions, but his near strangulation and choking at having to report any analysis of any positive event in Iraq has become ludicrous.I would like to continue Colorado Public Radio support, but part of my donation goes to NPR.Anyone else noting this trend in “public-supported” radio may wish to deliberate on continuing their support of the NPR Editorial Policy, by changing their donation, and sending their thoughts in a letter such as this to both CPR and NPR.Steve ZorichakVailNot ‘locals’ by any stretchThe March 24 headline should have read “Seasonal employees busted in bank heist.” Being a local in Vail for the past 11 years, I am insulted that those two young men would be considered locals. Stealing from your community, threatening the lives of two women who work hard every day in order to maintain a lifestyle in this community, and then trying to get away with it, is a far cry from acting like a decent human being. Kudos to all of the hard-working employees of Vail and Eagle County who give back to their community, work hard, educate their children, service the Vail guest, and every day are at their jobs doing an honest days work. The scavengers that come to this town and abuse their jobs and the people around them are certainly, in my book, NOT a Vail local. This season has ended on even an higher note than its already been by catching those two men. Lisa AngeloVailAll paid upTo the spineless individual that resorts to Tipsline and thus did not sign his/her name – your facts are wrong. You know it or you would have put your name on your statements of March 19. You clearly have not done your homework. So to set you straight, the Vail Recreation District contributed a total of $400,000 to the new gymnastics center via a promissory note to the town of Vail payable with 10 equal $40,000 payments commencing in the 2005 fiscal year. Regarding the golf course lease from the town of Vail, the VRD is current on all monies due the Town and has budgeted the agreed upon payment of $107,000 in October 2005 and will make this payment The VRD, through fiscal planning and establishment of reserves for contingencies, will make good on all payments when due for both the gymnastic center and golf course.These are the facts, something you might get straight before you anonymously write any more misleading allegations. I hope that in the future the Daily will be more diligent in doing their homework before just publishing these types of attacks. All it would take is a call to anyone on the VRD board or to the director. It certainly does not serve anyone’s interests to allow these totally incorrect anonymous allegations to be printed about any person or governmental body without any checking into their truthfulness. …T.J. ConnersVailSad dayIt is a sad, sad day in America when we do not let parents feed their children. We should be ashamed of ourselves and our governmental system if we allow Terry Schiavo to starve to death only because we do not believe her quality of life is good enough. She breathes on her own. She can move and see. She just cannot feed herself. Neither could Christopher Reeves! Shame on the courts, shame on the judges, shame on us. Who’s next? God forbid my future children are born mentally disabled or damaged in an accident, because I may not be allowed to feed them. Look at your child and tell me you support this decision! This is torture and murder.Steve MichonskiAvonOur apologiesWe are the parents of Anthony Prince one of the two boys who robbed the WestStar Bank last Monday. We are so sorry for the damage inflicted on your community by this event. We offer our sincere and unconditional apologies to the people of Vail and especially to the two female employees of the WestStar Bank. We also apologize to the local family and to the staff at Pepi Sport who sponsored Anthony and provided the opportunity for employment. We fail to comprehend how our son who was raised in a family with strong ethical values and all the love and support in the world could contemplate such an act. We will never understand the reason why. We know this act was so out of character for Anthony and we know that his remorse is absolute. Our thoughts are with you all.Peter and Jennifer PrinceVail, Colorado

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