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Letters to the Editor

Leslie Isom

On May 3, the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District will be having a special election with two questions. The first question asks whether the constitutional limitations on terms of office of elected members of the board of directors should be eliminated. All district electors may vote this ballot.The second question asks whether specific parcels of property in the Wolcott area should be included into the district boundaries for water and sewer services. Only qualified electors within the area proposed to be included may vote this ballot.Elimination of Term Limits: In 1994, Colorado voters approved an amendment to the Colorado Constitution, effective in January of 1995, which limits the terms of office of local government elected officials to two consecutive four-year terms. The limitation on the number of terms applies to terms of office beginning on or after Jan. 1, 1995. The voters of any such political subdivision may, however lengthen, shorten or eliminate this limitation on terms. If term limits are not eliminated, four of the district’s current seven-member board of directors will reach their term limits in May of 2006. These board members are Pat Dauphinais, Hawkeye Flaherty, Kent Rose and Rick Sackbauer. Should term limits be eliminated in May, these board members will be eligible to run for additional four-year terms beginning in 2006, and as other board members reach the end of their second four year terms they will also be eligible to run again. Wolcott Inclusion: The Wolcott area has been identified in the Eagle County master plan as a potentially higher density community. In 1999 and 2000, in anticipation of growth occurring in that area, the district purchased parcels of land, west of Wolcott, on the Eagle River, as a future wastewater treatment plant site. Recently, there has been renewed interest in our providing water and wastewater services to this area. As a first step in this process, the district is asking the eligible electors in the area being considered for inclusion, whether they would like to be included into the district for water and sewer services. If the inclusion election passes, the district, in coordination with Wolcott area developers, will begin the planning process.Polling Places: There will be three polling places for this election: the town of Vail, the town of Minturn and the Eagle County Ambulance District Building, in Edwards. District electors voting on the term limits question may vote at any of these polling places. Eligible electors for the inclusion election may only vote at the Eagle County Ambulance District polling place. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day, May 3.Absent Voter Ballots: The last day to request an absent voter ballot, if the applicant wishes to receive the absent voter ballot by mail, is April 26. The last day to request an absent voter ballot, if the absent voter ballot is not mailed, is April 29.For more information contact Leslie Isom, the designated election official, at Eagle River Water & Sanitation District, 846 Forest Road, Vail 81657; by phone at 476-7480; or by fax at476-4089. Information is also available on our Web site, http://www.erwsd.org.Leslie IsomVail, Colorado

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