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Letters to the editor

Arthur Kittay

Dear Mr. President (Bush), I am bewildered at your administration’s policy of appeasement toward Mohamed Abbas, his Palestine Arab Authority and the Arab terrorists. The policy is aimed at rewarding the Arabs whether or not they make peace with Israel. This week there were rocket attacks against Jewish towns in Gaza on a daily basis. A soldier was wounded during a rocket attack that was aimed against a large and peaceful democratic protest gathering of Jews in the town of Neve Dekalim. An Israeli soldier was run over and killed at a checkpoint by an Arab driver who tried to flee the scene. These are not actions of an authority that is seeking peaceful coexistence with Israel. Abbas is not taking guns away from the terrorists. Abbas has not put a halt to the anti-Semitic hate materials being broadcast over Arab radio and television. Abbas has not reformed the Arab education system by removing books and other malicious “educational materials” that are inciting hate. These are not policies of an authority seeking peace with Israel. Creating an apartheid Arab state with Israel’s borders is not “progress” toward peace. Disarming terrorists, removing hate materials from the schools, allowing Jews to live throughout their biblical homeland are the appropriate policies of an authority with peaceful intentions. Creating another Jordan, Egypt, Syria or Lebanon is not what we should be striving for. Creating a Middle East where all will be allowed to live in peace, security and equality should be our goal. I urge you to pursue a policy of creating a democratic country open to all who desire to live in peace. Where neighbors respect each other and all citizens are given equal opportunity. Funny, but there already is a country like that. It’s called Israel.Arthur KittayEagleWar on speechMatt Zalaznick’s column “Save Tony Soprano, save the union” is an excellent piece. It is overwhelmingly dangerous that way too many of us don’t seem to be aware of the several dangerous forces in action in Washington, all seemingly hell-bent upon saving us in spite of ourselves! The president and his “band of merry men (and women)” are not what they appeared to be when our votes were being hustled. I am historically a moderate Republican, but labels don’t carry accurate or meaningful meanings anymore. Fearfully, the “other side” doesn’t seem to offer appropriate alternative solutions, either. Yet, that alternative, as unsatisfactory as it might ultimately be, is a far cry more attractive than the invidious movements to eradicate our fundamental personal rights.We’ve been had, both at the hands of our elected and appointed politicians and ourselves. Way too many of us apparently just didn’t really listen during all those lofty misrepresentations during the various campaigns just a few months ago. We’re not even aghast that so many lied to us about so much. Now we all seem to be settled back in our daily ways without so much as a single recognition of the war to effect major erosion upon our fundamental freedoms.There’s a lot of verbal flap about the war regarding the fiscal cost and cost of lives and injuries. Why is it that so many, including our “leaders,” don’t seem to recall and honor the many who’ve given their lives for nearly 200 years to obtain and protect the very freedoms these conservatives (a mislabel which should read “fanatics”) are attempting to dissolve and remove?They must be stopped! And, shame on us!We need more of the caliber of Zalaznick’s column as often as possible!Gary GreenGypsumGive us voiceI am writing in support of making Eagle County home rule. I was chairman of the Mid Valley Caucus a few years back. We examined the option of taking the Roaring Fork Valley portion of the county and annexing into Pitkin. Our primary mission was to examine how we could gain a greater voice in county operations and representation. An April 13 Vail Daily article said, “That prompted Commissioner Tom Stone, who also opposes the idea, to say there is a lack of public support for the idea. ‘This ought to be coming from the citizens,’ Stone said. ‘This shouldn’t be a top-down mandate.'” Well, Mr. Stone, there is citizen support. In fact one of Mr. Runyon’s campaign platforms addressed home rule directly, and he was elected. I would say that shows citizen support. Did you know that at election time a great many RF Valley citizens couldn’t name any candidates for commissioner? I am hard-pressed to say when the last time I knew of any commissioner showing up here, where about 17 percent of the county’s voters live. Mr. Stone, when were you last here to talk with citizens? How was your presence announced? As one who is very in touch with the local media, I certainly haven’t heard of your presence here since the dedication of the county building.Gentlemen, move forward, make Eagle County home rule and allow the citizens the opportunity to govern.Peter H. JaycoxEl JebelFan of the wildI was delighted to read Chris Neuswanger’s letter regarding the issues of wildlife, nature and the intrusion of humans.As a longtime resident of East Vail who has spent time with bears, deer, a moose, a couple foxes and an assortment of other wildlife, it is a joy to share my property and the balance of East Vail with them. They were clearly around before I was, and as far as I am concerned they are allowing me to share THEIR space. I also get quite irate when a developer clear-cuts a lot to build someone a palace. Hundred-year-old trees also have some rights, and notwithstanding the legal issues of takings, it seems that the town of Vail and other governmental entities ought to be more restrictive on allowing the destruction of trees.Now, the foregoing probably sounds like I am an unbridled environmentalist. I am not, though I was chair of Trees for Vail for many years. But I do believe there should be a better balance in the entire Vail Valley among wildlife, the natural environment and humans. And since wildlife generally can’t hire lawyers to protect their rights, how about a bias among us in favor of them? Jeff BowenVailVail, Colorado

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