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Letters to the editor

Madison Snyder

I’m depressed. Why? Because I know you, maybe not personally but I can easily sum you up. You’re scared and simple-minded. You’re living in a big house with school-aged children and you’re very, very stupid. Why am I insulting you? I’m insulting the whole valley and all of the country. It’s nothing personal, but I’m tired of dealing with you. You want our school system to do the parenting that you refused to do, but you don’t want them to be able to discipline or reprimand the children in any way. That might hurt the child’s already overly inflated self-esteem. You want to encourage creativity, but only in approved outlets and as long as it fits in comfortably with your view of society and the world. You believe that grade inflation is a good thing because school shouldn’t be hard, yet you keep trying to enroll your child in ever-harder classes and get mad when they are failing the tests. You are Middle America, and not only are you stupid, you are overweight too because you’re scared to exercise or go outside for fear that someone will hurt you.I’m originally from North Carolina, a state that is almost always in the bottom three for public education. Having admitted this, I have travelled the U.S. and have realized that we’re splitting hairs with these rankings because the general intelligence level in this country is plummeting faster than a rock in the river. Yet people are constantly looking for answers such as more testing, which means more money spent on having our kids fill out forms and answer sheets instead of spending the time learning. More teachers wasting time trying to get the children to remember the information on the tests rather than be taught objective thinking or a useful skill such as how to apply knowledge instead of just retaining it. And more and more people look for private schools as the answer.Especially in this valley and that’s why I am writing. I have been to public school, while I had friends in private schools. I have been to university, along with children from private schools. And I have tutored and taught children from both private and public schools. I have also attended a private school along with the absurdly rich children. Private schools are not the answer, they are the problem, and this is even more true when counting private religious schools. All of these schools are shams, where teachers are expected to give the children good grades except in extreme cases and where the teachers are fired if the students don’t perform. These students come out with all sorts of knowledge, and no idea of how to use it or of how to function in a society. Especially in so-called faith based schools, these children are taught to accept what they are told without any question. They are trained to be docile, soft and easy to manipulate. That is why I say they teach religion and not faith. Faith only gets stronger when it is challenged and renewed and all you morons have religion that only gets weaker when challenged. But back to the original subject. These private schools and now our public schools are forced to shovel information at children and hope that it sticks long enough to get them past the test. This is useless in real life, as most of these people are unable to succeed at work, unable to deal with new challenges and unable to adapt to changing environments because they lack the basic mental skills to apply anything that they know. I have worked with and under these people, I have coached and taught these children and I deal with most of you on a daily basis. Believe me when I say that this is easily apparent. If you doubt me, stand outside the roundabouts in downtown Avon and watch as multitudes of people every day find it impossible to navigate the construction despite all the signs telling you where to go. In light of all of this, I find it appalling to find such a massive news focus on the children of the private schools in this valley. I find it sickening that in many of these articles these children are applauded for being mediocre or given awards simply for trying. The hard work involved in trying is the reward you get if you don’t win. I encourage this paper and the people of this valley to encourage more thinking. Tell the federal test makers to piss off and do something else, you’d rather teach your children how to actually function in the real world. How to deal with people, how to interact socially and how to think for themselves so that they can continue their learning in all parts of life and not just in some school. I also encourage the parents of this valley to get off their lazy butts and try to to your job with your children. Both of my parents worked and they made it happen. You can, too. But it’s going to take hard work and I don’t think most of you are up to it. This is why I’m still depressed and why I will be until I see hope in the herd of speedbumps called people. I see so much potential that I just wish some people were trying for it.Madison SnyderAvonVail, Colorado

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