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Letters to the editor

Lorenzo W. Martinez

I once read this poem by an unknown author:If you want to live in the kind of townLike the kind of town you like,You needn’t slip your clothes in a gripAnd start on a long, long hike. For you’d only find what you left behind-There’s nothing that’s really new.It’s a knock at yourself when you knock your town,It is’t the town, it’s you.Real towns are not made of men afraidLest somebody else gets ahead.When everybody works and nobody shirksYou can raise a town from the dead.And if while you make your personal stakeYour neighbors may make one too,You can make a town what you you want it to be,It isn’t the town, it’s you.I would like to thank the following people and businesses who make a positive difference in our Town: Father Hugh Guentner, Lynn Feiger, Wiley Feiger, John Woodruff, Mason Babcock, Liz Campbell, Shane Sorensen, Wendy Sapuntzoff, Eric Andler, Dave Clapp , Nate LaCross, Justin LaCross, Michael C. Meyer, Steve Johannes, Julie Johannes, Lisa Fox, Valerie Wegert, Jeff Houston, Arnold Martinez, Joe Duran, Karen Earley, Ann Capela, Michael Gallagher, Tom Sullivan, George Brodin, Darell Wegert, Jerry Bumgarner, Gordon Flaherty, LaFarge, Turntable Restaurant, A-Peak, Quintana’s Excavating, Johnie’s Garden, Ginn Clubs & ResortsThrough their efforts during the town cleanup May 1, Minturn is a better place to live. Thank you! Lorenzo W. MartinezMinturn Police ChiefGreat supportAs the towns and businesses prepare for the summer season, we would like to recognize and thank Vail Resorts for an unparalleled year of success at the Nature Discovery Center atop Vail Mountain. In the center’s fourth winter of programming, over 5,000 individuals visited the Center to learn more about the natural world surrounding Vail. Additionally, the center’s snowshoe hikes, which offer stunning views of Mt. of the Holy Cross as participants learn about winter adaptations, attracted twice as many participants as last year. To Bill Jensen and all the Adventure Ridge folks: We couldn’t have done it without you, and we look forward to a great summer.Vail’s outstanding support of the Nature Discovery Center, through in-kind contributions and corporate donations, directly benefit our community. Working with a world-class resort over the years has challenged our school to be equally innovative and professional. GRNSS will continue to refine and expand its programming atop Vail Mountain to provide the most relevant and cutting-edge natural science information that is available about mountain ecosystems. In addition to the Nature Discovery Center, Vail Resorts supports hands-on, natural science programs with schoolchildren throughout the valley. These GRNSS programs reach over 1,000 school children annually. This rewarding partnership with Vail Resorts educates people about our region’s natural assets and the science education that can inform our decision making about current and future natural resource issues. Our community will only grow stronger and gain in prominence with informed and educated citizens who value stewardship and education. Thanks to Vail Resorts for being a critical partner in the fulfillment our mission “to raise environmental awareness and inspire stewardship through natural science learning experiences in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain ecosystem.” To learn more about our partnership with Vail Resorts and our programs, please visit our Web site at http://www.gorerange.org Markian FeduschakExecutive DirectorGore Range Natural Science School Vail, Colorado

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