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Letters to the editor

Donn Hines

Neither time nor space will allow me to address all the inanities in Mr. Zalaznick’s Friday, May 27, editorial (“Conservatives out to dominate”), so I will only respond to a few of them, and then with only the briefest of overviews.Early on, Zalaznick displays a stunning ignorance of both history and modern science when he rejoices in what he calls “liberal supremacy in science and academia” because, after all, what reasonable person would be “drawn to a movement that stifles medical breakthroughs and clouds the origin of the species with fairy tales.”In fact, modern science came about precisely because its progenitors believed in a God who made a rational, discoverable, intelligible universe. Prior to this leap forward, made by such hated Christian conservatives as Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler, mankind pretty much believed in an unknowable, unpredictable, random universe. With respect to the holy book “Origin of Species,” Zalaznick appears to be unaware of the gaping holes in evolutionary theory. If you have more curiosity and a more open mind about this subject than Mr. Zalaznick, a couple of good books that discuss this are “Darwin on Trial,” by Phillip Johnson, and “Darwin’s Black Box,” by Michael Behe. There are many others.Not restricted to a lack of knowledge of history and science, Zalaznick also demonstrates a tenuous grasp of logic. As quoted earlier, he clearly believes that the only right answer to our origins is evolution. If you believe anything else, such as intelligent design, Zalaznick ridicules you for believing in “fairy tales.” Clearly, he believes there is only one “right” thing to teach in this regard. But later he reverses himself, attempting to take the moral high ground by saying that liberals (like himself, we must suppose) merely encourage others to believe whatever they want to believe (try that with your bank account and see how far you get).He then goes on to falsely accuse Christians of forcing others to convert. This is known as the Strawman Fallacy, a classic logic error. As you look around the world today, you would be hard-pressed to find examples of Christians forcing others to convert. Christians do indeed try to convince others of the truth of their claims, much like Mr. Zalaznick tries to convince us that his claims are true. Why is it labeled “forcing” in the case of Christianity, but liberal argumentation is somehow above the fray?In fact, the liberal holy grail of “tolerance” is one of the most intolerant philosophies in force today. If you believe, as they claim, that one belief system is as good as another, then you are of course both tolerated and tolerant. But try having a belief system that says, “This is right, and that is wrong” and you will quickly find out how tolerant they really are. You will immediately be branded and ridiculed as “bigoted, close-minded, homophobic.” If you doubt this, just look at how little logic and reasoned argument, and how much name-calling, comes from the liberal side of the Senate and the House these days.Donn HinesLos Alamos, N.M.Great job, communityOn behalf of Vail Fire and Emergency Services I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the office workers, bank personnel and visitors of the West Star Bank Building. On May 27, right after lunch, an elevator motor burned causing a large amount of smoke. The subsequent evacuation and cooperation exhibited by all was paramount to our success. We were able to remove the hazard, search the building and “get things back to normal” quickly. Special recognition goes to the maintenance team from VVMC as they were instrumental in minimizing damage and controlling the overall outcome of the emergency. They even organized an impromptu rehab for the firefighters coming out of the smoke.Sheika is right when she expresses the idea that the walls and windows of Vail may be changing, but its heart will remain the same. We are proud to work with and for such great folks. Thanks again.Jim SpellCaptainVail Fire and Emergency ServicesVail, Colorado

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