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Letters to the editor

Chris Anthony

Kudos to Fred Green for making a good decision. He will be rewarded in another part of his life for keeping the beauty.Chris AnthonyRoot or weed?I immensely enjoyed Butch Mazzuca’s paean to the Magna Carta. Simultaneously I was transported back to two wholly different places. The first was my ninth grade “History of Western Civilization” class, with Mr. Baldwin. I recall the replicated tableau of King John and the Barons at Runnymede that must have graced every similar history book ever printed. And then there was Brother Julian and “The History of Medieval England Seminar,” senior year in college. Mr. Baldwin and Brother Julian had very different views of the importance of the Magna Carta. Mr. Baldwin probably went to the same school that Butch Mazzuca did. Brother Julian was a round and portly monk of almost caricature dimensions. Here is how he dispensed with the Magna Carta.”The Magna Carta was drawn largely from Roman law, applied only to the privileged, was signed at virtual sword point; repudiated and destroyed when power shifted back to the king, it was ignored and forgotten for hundreds of years. The democratic principles of ancient Greece and a thousand years of Roman law were the two most significant influences on the evolution of democratic thought both directly and indirectly.”One might wonder if the Magna Carta was more of a PR piece resurrected and sanctified by Cromwellian politics than any meaningful political progression. On the other hand, that’s what’s great about history … it all about the zeitgeist.James DorseyRidiculousIt’s ridiculous to not allow dogs at an outside venue, i.e. the MINTURN MARKET.We live in the mountains for a laid back lifestyle, yet even the Highlands Festival in Denver allows dogs.What are you thinking?Steve MichonskiJust another day? I awoke to a robin’s egg blue Colorado sky just before dawn, a prelude to the daily sound and light show that gives birth to another day. The sun gently blankets the mountain peaks, spreading its warmth down the rest of the mountain, carefully bringing life to each little nook and cranny. The golden rays splashed a bit more gloss on an aspen grove begging for more attention.Will the rest of the snow melt off of Golden Eagle today? Will it do its part, adding another stanza to the bubbly chorus sound of the Beaver Creek?Just as the Lord finishes saying, “Slow down, be still, be thankful,” I see farther down the landscape the sun, peeking over the Chalk Cliffs, illuminating the tips of some majestic pines like the angel we carefully place there once a year. Now, some cotton balls bounce along the mountain peaks, dusting away what’s left of the night. Then a friendship circle of birch scrub their sun-bleached bark and their tiny leaves rhythmically, lovingly applaud this new day filled with hope, and beauty and the chance to love and learn.I am then treated to my favorite rendition of reveille as the birds take their place in the soprano section, announcing that they understand about grace and want to live in harmony with the others. Their song, too, is most likely about tolerance and forgiveness. Did you ever see two swallows fighting? They also know that the forest would be pretty quiet if only the perfect voices sing out.So is this day all that different? Can I bring joy and peace to someone’s heart with these words as they flow from above? Will this gift of today be cherished or tossed in the fray with all the others? It is up to me to choose.I gratefully accept the challenge to mimic the lessons of nature. Peace and love, tolerance and understanding. It shouldn’t be that hard, but it is, and it’s worth every minute of it.We are all in this together, we all have gifts. We are all creative. We all have been blessed. We can each light a candle for someone else; encourage them; ease their pain; show them how we all blend together. We all have problems, and have to start somewhere. As the mountains rise above mediocrity to magnificence and share their riches with us, will we learn from their example? Will we pass on their ability to lift our spirits? This is a quiz! The final exam will be tough, but not if we share our notes and our wisdom and our gifts. Just another day? No. See you tomorrow. Ted Tilton Proud of itDear Mr. Quinn: First of all, I wish to thank you for including me in the category of “left-wing” liberals. You do me great honor. They were primarily responsible for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They fought for the right of individuals to be treated equally regardless of sex, race or religion. And they spearheaded the legislation that recognized the importance of clean air and water and of preserving our open spaces. As I’m sure you know, those are all items from the “left-wing,” liberal agenda. Additionally, I have generally found liberals to be thoughtful, compassionate patriotic citizens. So once again, I will express my appreciation for the compliment!You make the point that in my previous letters I had never expressed my disgust regarding the wanton killings by the insurgents in Iraq or the desecration of a crucifix. Very true. I suppose that I have been remiss! So please allow me now to additionally express my disgust regarding murders, rapes, robberies, child molesting, wife beating, all forms of religious intolerance, etc. I want to assure you that I consider all of those activities to be offensive! One thing that you don’t seem to grasp is that in order for Mr. Bush to succeed in his quest to “democratize” the Muslim countries of the world, they first need to believe that our society is a compassionate one, that our government is honorable, and that our justice system is beyond reproach. How else can we hope to convince the leaders and citizens of those countries that their futures can be made brighter? Any and all atrocities at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo lend credence to their propaganda that we are hypocrites and really offer very little that will improve their current situations. In this regard, Mr. Bush’s policies and his denials are seriously undermining his latest rationale for this war. Furthermore, they are negating the valiant efforts of our armed forces. Finally, I cannot answer for the faulty press releases of Newsweek. Perhaps you should contact them directly. However, I certainly can fault Mr. Bush for the nightmare called Iraq. Thanks to Paul O’Neill, Richard Clarke, Robert Woodward and the Downing Street memos, we know the truth regarding the rationale for this war. It was started because of our president’s personal vendetta and it was justified by the mass of lies and fictitious data that he sponsored and thrust upon us. Those do make the Newsweek gaffe seem a lot less important.David Le VineVail, Colorado

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