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Letters to the editor

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Extra effort Stacie GettysEdwardsI wanted to write a letter expressing my pleasure at what a stand-up job Animal Control does with reuniting pets with their people. There was a lost cat that I found and the vet clinic which held the number for the rabies tag (even though it was just a 2004 tag) had erased all information regarding the cat’s owners. I called Animal Control, and the woman who answered the call was able to track a missing cat report back a week and give me the contact information of the owners. Without the competence and caring of the workers at Animal Control these people would have never been reunited with this lovely cat and the cat would have been just another stray at the pound needing a home.Thanks again for caring and doing such a great service for this community. I know your efforts are appreciated by more than just me and the reunited “family.”Stacie GettysEdwardsTwo-front warThank you, Terry Quinn, and his response to Mr. Le Vine. It is heart-warming to see others in the two-front war on terror. – one in the Middle East and other places, and one with the liberals in this country, God help us if they ever win. John Zitzelberger Midland, Ga. Summertime lightsT’was the first day of summer and finally, we have hot Edwards nightsThe moon came up day after day, until it was full and the stars were almost in sightThere are no more Christmas Carols, there is no Santa ClausBut every night I wonder why I see Christmas lights for no apparent cause There is such a beautiful building, one that fits so rightIt’s a place here in Edwards where flowers bloom and the people treat you niceFor years I’ve gone there to buy my gardening goodsBut my attitude changes when I have to look at Christmas lights all along its roofI could go to the big box to get my flower fixBut I believe in small businesses, the ones that fit in the mixOur town of Edwards is not an ugly bustling city Please turn out the Christmas lights, they are really not so prettyThe mountain silhouette should always be a sight But all I see from Edwards is the commercial center or what looks like prison lightsNow I know there must be high security up there for the closed ballet studio and dry cleaning shopBut why in the world do we need to be put to bed by bright lights, even past 11 o’clockWhy, are there so many Christmas lights on top of our summer shopping centersWith so many new brightly lit strip mall signs we might as well live in DenverI will always look forward to Christmas time and all its lighted gloryI just wish that businesses would make Christmas lights a Christmas storySome new developments have done there job right By covering those ugly bulbs and obnoxious lightsSure we light the pathway but do we need to light the skyWhat we are doing to Edwards is enough to make me cryI don’t think we should have to petition but ask our local shopsTo consider our mountain living and the silhouette our mountain topsThere is actually a word, a dirty little phraseIt’s called light pollution and only our citizens can change its evil waysSarah WillEdwardsVail, Colorado

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