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Letters to the editor

Frederick D. Green

I have noticed your recent article concerning withdrawal of plans for development of my land in Lake Creek. The article was apparently written without knowledge of the content of my withdrawal letter addressed to the county commissioners. For your interest, I quote from that letter as follows:”I have decided to withdraw the Green Ranch sketch plan for the following reasons:1. The plan you have indicated you are willing to approve (five new dwelling units and one caretaker unit for the existing dwelling …) is not consistent with and calls for significantly less density than has been approved by the Eagle County Master Plan and the Edwards Sub-Area Plan.2. The plan is not consistent with and is incongruently less dense than found in the approved subdivisions abutting my land.5. The plan is economically infeasible.”I would appreciate clarification of this matter to your readers. Frederick D. GreenCrossroads too massiveDear Kaye (Ferry): For one who is very often right on, you could not be further off the mark in regards to Crossroads.On Jan. 18 the Town Council sent the project back to the Planning Commission with the understanding that both height and bulk were unacceptable.Three months later, the project came back to council with recommendation for approval and, with what Councilman Logan called no significant changes in height or bulk. Keeping in mind that nobody even mentioned architecture yet, the project just doesn’t fit on Vail Village. Of course, according to you, this is not in Vail Village. Your definition of Vail Village appears to be Bridge Street, which troubles many of your potential members.East Meadow Drive, in my opinion, is part of Vail Village. It is a pedestrian area and from the Austria House to the Sonnenalp, we have managed to preserve the charm of Vail. Even the rather large Plaza Hotel is hidden behind the small buildings, which I built over the years. The number of variances, which were given to the Vail Plaza Hotel (too many, in my opinion) were justified on the basis that there will be hotel rooms and time-share to generate overnight visitors. The same holds true for the Chateau Vail. (Also too big, in my opinion) In addition, I would like to point out to you that when the presentation was made, the elevator towers of Phase III were shown as a full story. In any case, Crossroads will have only condominiums and should NOT be given the same considerations as properties which supply hotel rooms and timeshare.If Vail Resorts understands what makes the place, as is evidenced by their plans for the Front Door project, the unobtrusive design of the Founders Garage and the new alpine look being built in Lionshead, why can’t you?I don’t know what attracted you to come and stay in Vail. It must have been more than just the ski mountain. I find it ironic that some people who come because they are attracted to the atmosphere and desirability of the place then want to change it to the urban character they left behind. Like one gentleman from East Vail who stated that there is nothing wrong with height. Denver has high buildings. Since some people appear to miss the city and suburbia so much that they want high buildings blocking out the mountain views, why did they come here in the first place? The “OLD GUARD” is not against bowling alleys and movie theaters; we are against rapacious developers wanting to ransack the allure of Vail for the sake of making a killing before they move on. If these massive projects go on being built unchecked, they will kill the charm of Vail Village and, in the end, destroy the uniqueness of the place altogether.Joe Staufer Vail, Colorado

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