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Letters to the editor

Melanie Kofoed

It must be a slow week for society balls and fundraisers. Replacing the pictures of the rich folk this week are front page photos of people blatantly ignoring leash laws and doing stupid things: Kids climbing a wall without helmets on. And then we are encouraged to “grab a cool one,” a feature encouraging us to drink more alcohol just because it’s summer and the bars want the PR. And then we wonder why the obituaries and memorial services keep us busy.For a newspaper to encourage dangerous behaviors is irresponsible. Actually I don’t recall too many socialite pictures without cocktails in their hands. Great message to send. Keep up the good work.Melanie KofoedAvonThumbs up I bought my Falcon Point time-share on West Benchmark Road in Avon in February 1990, while visiting the Vail Valley as a resort guest from Philadelphia, and have skied at Beaver Creek for a week in March every year since. In March 1999, my family moved to Singletree and made Edwards our primary home for five years. Now I serve as vice president of the Falcon Point Resort Homeowners Association and make as many trips as possible each year to the Vail Valley from our family’s new hometown of Grand Junction. The proposed riverside development, reported by Cliff Thompson, will enhance everyone’s Avon experience – out-of-state resort guests, locals, or Coloradoans spending the weekend in the mountains.As an out-of-state resort guest coming to the Vail Valley for a week’s ski vacation in March, staying at the proposed Avon riverside development would mean incredibly convenient access to Beaver Creek mountain via the new gondola, while still having easy access to Vail Mountain and the family-friendly stores and restaurants of Avon.As a local, I’d be taking full advantage of the new riverfront park. My kids would enjoy the bike path along the river even more watching the kayakers in the whitewater and then indulging in a well-deserved ice cream reward.As a board member of a neighboring time-share resort, I welcome additional higher-end time-share residences in the new venue. Real estate values will increase; there will be additional options for Falcon Point Resort guests to access Beaver Creek; and there will be more amenities available in the neighborhood resulting in higher guest satisfaction.Clearly, the unveiling of plans for the Confluence is just one of many anticipated iterations for the site plan, but by working together to perfect this good idea everyone can win. I look forward to enjoying this new, positive addition to the town of Avon, as it is developed, phase-by-phase, over the next few years.David B. MillerLaFarge’s generosityA great thank you needs to be expressed to LaFarge due to their unyielding generosity and care for our community. LaFarge has demonstrated a high standard in safety and sense of community.Recently Vice President Steve Wood has greatly supported the live fire trainer in Dotsero that is used by Colorado Mountain College and local fire departments in training firefighters on interior firefighting techniques.Paul Hunt provided valuable on-site training to local firefighters on special hazard and rescue concerns as well as allowed for hazmat scenario training. This training helps keep the teams’ skills proficient.Cotton Juedemann has worked closely with local senior citizens in assisting with some very special projects. He is also assisting the launch crew for the Eagle fireworks display. Mr. Juedemann will be donating a truck with 8 yards of sand for sandbags. The sandbags will help provide safety to the crew launching the fireworks in the event of a misfire.Steve Wood, Paul Hunt, Cotton Juedemann and the LaFarge company, thank you for everything you do for our community.Jon AsperFire Chief/Board AdministratorEagleThanks, soldiersOn this Independence Day 2005, we would like to thank all serving in our armed forces all over the world, especially those in Iraq. We also thank all who served in Vietnam, Korea and World Wars I and II. We are blessed to have such people defending us and our liberty.Thank you, President Bush, for taking your oath to defend the people of our country seriously. We trust you and your military leaders. God bless America!George and Jane MahoneyAll a plotAs a semi-responsible American citizen who considers himself well-informed I would like to predict a most unfortunate event. I do this only because I truly feel that this is the situation that is at hand and that this is what will truly happen. I understand, unlike most, what our government is doing and what their ultimate agenda is, that within the next three-five years, we as a nation will endure a nuclear, biological warfare catastrophe that will throw our national homeland security into complete lock down. I, of course, don’t look forward to this occurrence, but know through my research over the last two years that it will happen, and that it will toss our country into a state of complete marshal law. It is through http://www.infowars.com that I have become familiar with these ideas. Most uninformed Americans would completely consider these ideas absolutely crazy, but they are not. The Bush administration is out to destroy America and their agenda is at high speed. Rich, greedy, corporate headed men are out to solidify their positions and are guided by a power so far greater than what we are all familiar with that it is absolutely inconceivable to most. There is a video which has begun to win nation acclaim called “OutFoxed,” which discusses the merger of the U.S. government and Rupert Murdoch during the formation of Fox News, when they decided to create the ultimate media propaganda outlet and so it has solidified itself as Americas basis for information. It is absolutely a spin on the truth and nothing but the untruth. I heed you all to educate yourselves with the real truth and to discover the absolute facts as intelligent Americans. America is under attack. This may all sound so out of whack but it is really what is going on. I’ve only spent two years looking into it.PS: It strikes me as funny that when the highly surveillance federal building in Oklahoma City was blown up, none of the 16 cameras that lined the streets of the avenue in front of the building had footage that was ever shown to the public, film that was hidden and never seen with the excuse of National Security, nor when the Pentagon had a large commercial aircraft strike the side of it did any of that footage ever reach the American public. The Pentagon has more surveillance cameras around it than any property on the face of the Earth. What exactly happened? We might never know. It is time we start asking questions with meaning and start demanding answers. The 9/11 commission has given everyone nothing but a bunch of garbage and never have they really come through with concise explanations. If my story up to this point does not make sense, what does make sense is that the Bush administration basically has implemented all these events to engage our country into a state of fear and anxiety to further a police state of control and heightened taxation and control. It all makes sense if you look into it further as an educated American.The funny thing is that modernday Americans think that life may continue as it has gone on of recent, but just look back 50 years and we had Adolf Hitler doing his thing in Europe. War is imminent, times change and conditions are unsteady and people and governments are greedy – Bush, Cheney, Enron, WorldCom, etc. What is to come? We must be responsible and intelligent and informed. Vailites unite and learn about the worlds affairs and what is to come and what we can do about it if we educate ourselves and unite. Tavius SimsAvonFamily ZoneThree cheers for the Christian churches who gave us the Family Zone before the fireworks on July 3! As we live overseas, we so want our children to experience American traditions. Our four children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and brought home healthy, happy memories of an American fourth of July.Many thanks to all the great kids and churches who made it possible!Karina TrevinoMexico City, MexicoVail, Colorado

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