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Letters to the editor

Tavius Sims

My roommate today came home for his lunch break from his law office and saw that I was searching the Internet so he guided me to this columnist site that he’d been perusing earlier in the morning. The story was written by John Stossel, a “20/20” reporter, and it is in regards to an interesting little fact about American sunscreen. I spend a lot of time on the Internet researching things like this, but I had yet to discover this interesting fact. Apparently the primary sunscreens sold in the USA are successful in protecting us from UVB rays, but they lack the ingredient mexoryl which protects the skin from the even more damaging UVA rays. These rays are longer and therefore more penetrating, they go deeper into the skin and damage the collagen and connective tissues, which over time creates greater permanent damage. The story says that even though mexoryl is legal in Europe, Canada and South America and has been used for the past 13 years there, apparently our own FDA wants nothing to do with it and it is illegal in the United States. When “20/20” called the FDA, they had nothing to say and would not comment. I think that is pretty interesting. I have a small herbal tea business and I happen to sell an all-natural sweetener from Canada called stevia and it has some major restrictions upon it within the states, although it is 1,000 times better than the sugar garbage we are all addicted to and some studies indicate that stevia may actually reverse diabetes by stimulating the beta cells in the pancrea that produce insulin. Diabetics around the world use stevia because it does not raise blood sugar. In South America it has been sold, purchased and consumed for decades. Japan is huge on stevia usage. In the U.S., however, stevia has to be sold as a “dietary supplement” and cannot be labeled a sweetener, for that would render it “adulterated” and then it would have to be seized from sale. I don’t know what our government is doing, but with the recent discovery of a mercury-based preservative in our vaccinations coming to the surface, along with the recent ruling within the Supreme Court regarding home ownership and their decision that no one actually owns their home and that private developers can have their way with your property if the courts decide the same. I don’t know all the details to this last one, but I saw it briefly mentioned on CNN and I guess 99 percent of the American public is against it. It’s all just unbelievable. There are some pretty crooked people running pretty much the whole show and for two years I’ve danced around the Internet and learned from all sorts of credible sources what truly is going on. I ask you all to visit http://www.infowars.com and begin to learn some of what I have seen. It is great information. I caught a video clip of George Bush Sr. telling an auditorium of college students in Texas that no one should count out Arnold Schwartzenneger from being able to run for president in 2008. That was interesting, I wonder what they have planned for him?I truly feel sorry for our troops in in the Middle East and I wish they all could come home as soon as possible. No WMD ever. I know it. Thank you, Mr. Bush. It’s all about the oil. God bless. Tavius SimsAvon Another businessI read the letter that was published July 5 from Jim Dorsey of Avon. I am not for or opposed to national health care, but we must understand that this is another “business” that the government will take over. The federal government is already in the farm business, milk business, Social Security business, Medicare and Medicaid business, IRS money collection business, military business, space business, highway business, education business, corporate and individual welfare business and on and on. As long as we as taxpayers know that we must then go out and hire executives, administrators, managers, supervisors, foreman, workers to administer or run each of these “businesses” and we are willing to pay $10 for about every $6 of services we get, then go ahead.Health care became the problem when companies added health care as a benefit. It changed from a benefit to a national ìrightî to take Johnny to the doctor with every runny nose and sniffle. If the health-care system is abused now, then just think how the system will be abused with a national health-care system. Politicians will tell us it will not cost as much as the insurance premiums we are paying now or, the one I like, “we will only tax the rich.” Look at the horrible miscalculations and predictions in the cost of Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Just think what we may spend in future years on a national health-care system. In total, federal, state, county, city, how much are we willing to pay in taxes for each of these good, well intentioned government programs. How many businesses should our government be in? At some point we have to say enough is enough, or make it a requirement that some existing programs be eliminated if we want better new ones.David LarsonAvonVail, Colorado

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