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Letters to the editor

Last week I was sitting in the safety of my living room watching Nancy Grace on CNN while my 4-year-old daughter played with her toys. Nancy Grace was pleading for all of us to help pass the Children’s Safety Act. After seeing all the horrifying kidnappings, abuse, and killings of our children on the news, I was inspired to write this letter.Nancy was speaking about the Jessica Lunsford case. Jessica was the little girl taken from her bed in Citrus County, Fla., by a man with a criminal history. John Couey kidnapped, raped, and killed little Jessica. Today her father is in Washington, D.C., with Nancy Grace at his side trying to get the Children’s Safety Act passed. He believes, as I do, that making this act a law will help keep America’s children safe.The Children’s Safety Act of 2005 will protect our families from heinous crimes. The highlights of the act are:– Increases penalties on offenders for failing to comply with registration law. Makes failure to register, and failure to keep one’s registration current, both state and federal felonies.– Requires all offenders to verify their registry information in person every 6 months, as well as enforces monthly verification by mail for certain high-risk offenders.– Improves information sharing between states when sex offenders move from state to state.– Increases the time period of a child sex offender to either 20 years or life, depending on the offense.– Expands the types of offenders required to register to include juveniles who victimize children.This legislation, if passed, will close the loopholes in the current system which allows sexual predators to evade law enforcement while continuing to prey upon our children. It will improve upon and replace the current sex offender registration and community notification law entitled the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Act of 1994, which mandates every state have a sex offender registry.If you would like to protect and prevent future crimes against children, please make a phone call to Sen. Ken Salazar, Sen. Wayne Allard, and Rep. Mark Udall stating that you support The Children’s Safety Act of 2005. Salazar: 202-224-5852; Allard: 202-224-5941; Udall: 202-225-4431.I made this call for my daughter. I plan to continue to watch her grow up in a loving and safe environment, which I helped to create.Madalyn CooperEdwardsAppalled againIn one more demonstration of arrogance, Mr. Bush appointed John Bolton to be our Ambassador to the United Nations. Although I admit to being somewhat uneducated in reference to the validity of Mr. Bolton’s qualifications and to his shortcomings, I am appalled by Mr. Bush’s decision. What I do know, is that his appointment is highly controversial among both Democrats and “independent” Republicans. His record and reputation are tarnished and as a result he is a most controversial appointment. It is really just another divisive action.So why?A simple identification of our previous Ambassadors reveals the names of Edward R. Stettinius, Henry Cabot Lodge, Adlai Stevenson, GEORGE H.W. BUSH, Daniel Patrick Moynahan and most recently, John Danforth. These were all men with impeccable credentials and reputations. So now Mr. Bush insists that someone named John Bolton is vital to our international interests. As the saying goes, give me a break. David Le VineVail, Colorado

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