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Letters to the editor

Richard Carnes joined the chorus of nay-sayers about Intelligent Design. That is the belief that the natural order is so complex that it is unlikely to have been caused by impersonal forces. ID suggests that some kind of rational direction is behind how things have developed in the physical universe.

Religious people call this uncaused cause God. You don’t have to believe in a specific religion to appreciate that something had to start the whole process in the beginning. And somehow guide it over the years.

What do people like Carnes say is the way things got started? How did the first matter get created, and who or what set in motion the process that led to the present natural order?

Carnes offers common, flippant views on the subject, merely saying that you can’t prove Intelligent Design. Well, you can’t prove Darwin’s theories either.

This is not to degrade Charles Darwin. His scientific observations and ideas are not entirely wrong. Some of them have a place in science. But he never explained how the beginning began. And his natural selection theory is open to legitimate criticism.

Carnes repeats the usual canard that ID is based only on blind faith. There is not room here to present the details of how this is wrong, and what scientific basis exists to support ID. As I’ve said before, go to your favorite search engine, insert Intelligent Design, and take a sample of the wealth of opinions and findings available. Check out Michael Behe, for example.

I’m not saying that ID has been proved for sure. But it is not the foolishness people like Carnes would have you believe. It’s a shame we can’t have a civil discussion about a subject like this, without shallow, snide remarks like he offers. But this is typical of the PC crowd. They don’t deal with the substance of an idea; they just act nasty and cast aspersions on the people who support it.

Carnes repeats one of the irrelevancies one finds in attacks on ID; they point out how much violence has been caused in the name of religion. No doubt it’s happened in the past. We have it today in Islamic extremism.

But irreligious types like Carnes ignore history. A lot of the carnage in the recent past has been done by people on his side of the God issue – Nazis, Italian Fascists, Russian Communists, Chinese Communists.

Osama bin Ladden is a real bad actor, who thinks he’s doing God’s work. But is he more malevolent than the present leadership of North Korea, Cuba, or China? None of those guys go to church. The problem isn’t belief in God, but extremism in any form. Eric Hoffer’s True Believers in charge of operations.

Terry Quinn


The incredible July 28 Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival concert at the Ford Amphitheater was, unfortunately, marred by exceptional noise from the ball field behind the amphitheater. Countless concert goers commented and complained about the noise and it was also noted by the artists as well as the staff of the New York Philharmonic.

A staff member from Bravo! did approach the ball players during the concert intermission to remind them that there was a concert taking place and ask their cooperation in keeping the noise level under control during the second half of the concert. His entreaties were met with abusive and offensive language and a total disregard for the concert and the request for cooperation. At the end of their game, these same “athletes” gathered in the trees on the fence line of the Amphitheater and deliberately interrupted the solo piano portion of the first movement of the featured piano concerto with loud whistling and yelling. It was terribly disruptive and a negative reflection on this community that we would even allow the opportunity for such behavior to occur.

We all realize that the odious and ill mannered behavior of these few is not representative of those community members who regularly use the ball fields. However, it would seem that the VRD needs to take steps to insure that this does not happen again and that those who were responsible should, at the very least, be blamed from using these facilities.

The Bravo! Festival is now recognized as one of the to festivals of its kind in the nation and the economic impact of its 20 summer events at the Ford Amphitheater has been a tremendous boost for the Town of Vail and its businesses. The Town and the VRD should work with the Bravo! administration to ensure that everyone has a positive experience at Ford Park and that we are never again embarrassed by another incident like the one on July 28.

Patricia Herrington


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