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Letters to the editor

President Bush stated publicly on Thursday, August 11 that: “There was an Intifada and killing and now there is calm.” That statement was about as accurate as the “Mission Accomplished” banner draped on the aircraft carrier in the early weeks of war in Iraq.

Every day there have been missiles fired at Israeli civilians from territory controlled by the PLO. Every week suicide bombers are sent from territory controlled by the PLO to kill Israelis. Every radio and TV broadcast of the PLO includes praises for PLO murderers. And this is “calm.”

If Castro were behaving in such a way towards Miami Beach, I certainly hope the president would not call such a situation “calm.” He only does so because he has decided that Israeli lives and security are expendable.

Theodore Roosevelt called the Presidency of the United States a “bully pulpit.” He did not mean that it should be used to bully and browbeat a smaller country like Israel into surrendering to PLO terror. He did not mean that it should be used to compel Israeli victims of Arab aggression into accepting incessant terror attacks as a period of “calm.”

Rather, President Roosevelt meant that the President of America has an opportunity to make his voice heard to advance noble causes like Israel’s Biblical and historical right to security and sovereignty in its entire homeland, including all of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights and Gaza. He did not mean you should use the power of the mightiest nation on earth to bully Israel into surrendering to the PLO’s demands for more land, more weapons and more access to targets in Israel.

And just like on the playground, sometimes even powerful bullies become vulnerable and in dire need of help. With the dangers of nuclear-armed North Korea and Iran “the two most powerful spokes of “axis of evil” ” becoming an ever-increasing threat to American security, the United States should strengthen Israel’s military position since Israel is America’s most reliable friend in the Middle East. A safe and secure Israel is a much greater asset to America’s national

interest in an increasingly dangerous world, than a new terrorist base for Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the PLO in Gaza.

Arthur Kittay


I’ve been to the Vail town council meetings over the past year regarding the applicant’s grand design for a better place now known as Crossroads.

I’ve spoken to the panel as a parent, broker, citizen of the valley in favor of this project within the five minutes allowed.

I’ve listened to and considered the objections from the predominantly old-guard contingent, and seen the changes made floor-by-floor by the applicant, who appears genuinely interested in supplying a solid amenity to the town.

I’ve spoken to, at length, the next generation of second homeowners via e-mail, response card, phone, and in-person about what they expect from this valley given the choices now available to them for mountain living nationwide.

Then, the withdrawal of the application. I was sure emotions would run high from people like me … responsible/accountable to old Vail by supporting an image of yesterday, but show the next generation that we could push the boundaries of design and innovation in a supposedly win-win situation. Not to be.

My thoughts shifted to BIG projects ” those whose sheer scale supposedly defied logic, reason and style: DIA, Cristo, the Guggenheim, Eiffel Tower. They all had opponents. Thank God reason prevails ” eventually.

Come election time, I will be curious to see how impactful the “Crossroads Effect” will be.

Pat Mitchell


Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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