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Letters to the editor

Reform of the Social Security system is long overdue. The federal government has been taking more than 15 percent combined from employers’ payrolls and employees’ wages for use in unauthorized spending is a crime.

Further, the system now uses “reverse wealth distribution,” penalizing poorer families whose income, in part, goes to pay off wealthy retirees ” all because our government has recklessly spent from Social Security trust funds.

This year, approximately $173 billion in surplus Social Security taxes will be spent on programs other than Social Security. These funds will need to be repaid (by US, the taxpayers) starting when the baby boomers retire.

For decades, Congress has proven to be completely incapable of controlling spending. The only way to protect this money, once and for all, is to take away the federal government’s ability to spend it: to give it to the very workers who are paying it (and are expecting it in the future for their retirement).

Congress is considering “Growing Real Ownership for Workers” (GROW) Accounts Act. This idea deserves our support. “GROW” accounts will prohibit the government from spending the current payroll tax surplus.

Art M. Johnson


After reading and hearing a good bit regarding the nomination of John Roberts, I do believe that he is a fine candidate for the Supreme Court. His resume seems to indicate that he is unusually personable, astute, experienced, and a man without the “baggage” of an extreme ideology. And so, I sincerely hope and expect that he will be confirmed without undo “nonsense.”

Unfortunately, a few extremists have attempted to make abortion rights the sole litmus test. While that issue is an important one, there can be no doubt that eventually some compromise between the two extremes is going to emerge ” as it should. It is complex, it is divisive, and common sense would dictate that there really is a middle ground. The appointment of Mr. Roberts will in no way preclude that from happening.

The aborted efforts of NARAL are an indication that any attempt to tar and feather Mr. Roberts without attempting to be objective will fail; and I do think that the Democrats in the Senate will take heed of that fact and will help to confirm his appointment without delay.

David Le Vine


Gotta love that open space commitee. Let’s review. Before the first penny rolls in from the new tax, they’ve got a ranch in mind. Two thirds of it is in another county, but hey. So the first millions go to protect a bunch of scrub land which I can only walk on if I pay thousands of dollars and agree to blast an elk. Good start.

Now they’ve got this $12 million hole in Edwards in their sights. Again, they need way more than what’s in the purse. So here’s where it gets interesting. We’ve already sucked $3.8 million from unsuspecting tourists and will spend every bit of it for this hole. That’s almost $80 spent on behalf of every man, woman and child from East Vail to El Jebel. Then there’s some other money from somebody, and what’s left is a shortfall of about $2.2 million.

So without a pause they decide to take it from the generalfund of the county. Did you know they can do that? I didn’t. That’s an additional $45 for every person in the county, and it’s coming directly out of budgets such as schools, roads, social services, etc.

Don’t we as citizens have a recourse here? Did anyone ask the poor taxpayer in McCoy if they could use his hard-earned tax money to buy a hole next to the freeway? And of course the further costs of this project have not been addressed in any way except by a recent Vail Daily letter writer.

Eagle County is already 83% public land, and Edwards is nothing more than a truck stop with a Starbuck’ƒs. So let’s instead preserve something that’s within our means, not already zoned for commercial use, and is not a suspicious good ole boy transaction sweetened with general fund dollars.

Chris Mech


On behalf of the board of directors and staff of Habitat for Humanity ” Eagle and Lake Counties, a huge “thank you” to the following merchants and individuals who made our 10th year anniversary party a huge success. We couldn’t have done it without YOU:

Brightwater Club, Alpine Party Tentals, the Vail Daily, Home Depot, Battle Mountain High School Dance Team, Ace Hardware, NRC Radio. Plum TV, TV 8, KZYR, The Town of Eagle, Eagle County School District, LGM Incorporated, Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant, Golden Oven Pizzeria, Vendetta’s, Carrie Zovluck, Barbara Duncan, Natalia Hanks, Marg Kohnke, Allison Krausen, and Susannah Stiehm, Barbara Treat, Karin Weber.

Karin Weber


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