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Letters to the editor

The articles in the Vail Daily concerning global warming, or “climate disruption” as Mr. Saunders prefers to call it, are one more case of the hysterical fringe getting media attention while the more rational side of this important issue is ignored.

The authors should be pleased that what media attention is devoted to global warming is all on his side. The common references to “scientific consensus” and “scientists are saying” (what scientists?) ignore the important distinction between growing scientific consensus about the occurrence of global warming and the complete lack of scientific consensus about its cause and, consequently, whether mankind can do anything to significantly alter the trend.

There is large and growing scientific evidence of the fact of global warming, or significant climatic change. However, the earth has experienced similar and much longer periods of global warming (and cooling) long before humans were burning hydrocarbon fuels. One might ask what was the cause of those warming periods? The hysterical fringe has already reached its unsupported conclusion that the climatic changes of the past 50 to 100 years are all due to human activities, most notably the burning of hydrocarbon fuels, choosing to ignore the question of what caused earlier periods of warming. Also, some of those earlier, and often much longer, periods of warming occurred in the midst of what we now know were longer-term cooling periods. The often-cited evidence of the past 50 to 100 years constitutes a mere hiccup in this millennial trend.

Yes, we should be concerned about the current period of climate change and its impact on our economy and life-style in Colorado. We should certainly do everything reasonable to limit the impact of human activity on the trend. But it is unlikely that anything within our power to do will have any significant impact on the millennial trend which has occurred numerous times in the past.

The fact that Colorado produces more carbon dioxide emissions than 174 of the 212 nations in the world is another of those inflammatory, but completely irrelevant, statistics. Is it possible that most, if not all, of those 174 countries are physically much smaller, have a fraction of the population, and are economically un- or under-developed versus Colorado? Is there any substantial support for substituting our economic prosperity and life-style for that of, say, some tiny and isolated island nation?

We will all benefit from a thorough, balanced and rational discussion of this issue in the media versus the one-sided hyperbole of the hysterical fringe represented in those two articles.

Joe McHugh


Has anyone read about the scandal at Air America, the new liberal radio network that was launched last year? I haven’t seen a word written on the subject in the Vail Daily. The scandal is that Evan Cohen, co-founder of Air America, “borrowed” $875,000 from the Boys and Girls Club of the Bronx (he was also on the board of the organization) fund for impoverished children and seniors that serves 20,000 people. Cohen said he needed the money to meet payroll to keep the radio network afloat. Cohen took the money from public grants that were earmarked for the poor. Cohen and Air America are currently being investigated by New York City’s Department of Investigation for this illegal transfer of funds.

I would think this would be the perfect scandal. A politically motivated corporation taking public money from the poor to pay already wealthy employees such as Al Franken. Does this scandal not rate any coverage from the Vail Daily because the perpetrators are liberals?

Eric Goldman


Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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