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Letters to the editor

Matt Zalaznick, in your column “Wag the dog,” I understand all your complaints issued in your column. However, where are your solutions?You are trying to say, I believe, that we have enough terror in our own country and that fighting the war in Iraq is a waste of time when we should be solving the violence here?Sounds to me like you are just as full of hate for the conservatives, Christian leaders (like Dobson), obviously our president and any American who supports him and our government. Are you opposed to our military who lay their lives on the line every day so we can be free to express our views and even commit our crimes?We are a nation of violent crimes. The crimes against children alone are enough to make me sick, not to mention the slaughter of the unborn that goes on every minute of the day and no one blinks an eyelash.We cannot even get along on the golf courses here in Vail!Yet, to become isolationists and only worry about the crime ratio here and not defend ourselves aggressively against the hideous insurrectionists that are infiltrating the very society we call the free world is crazy. I sure wish you Bush bashers, liberals or whatever you call yourselves would propose solutions or strategies on how you would win the war on terrorism instead of just bitching all the time.The war against gays, the unborn, blacks, Christians, children, you name it, will go on in the free societies all over the globe. The war on terror, however, threatens our very existence. A good peace-loving Muslim friend of the family told us that the fanatics won’t stop until we (Western societies) are all converted to their lifestyle and their rule and their religion. If you don’t approve of James Dobson, I don’t think you’re going to care too much for “Muhammad” ordering you to bow to the east seven times a day. Think about it. That’s all I ask. Thanks.Karen SnyderEdwardsLack of waterI am writing regarding the letter printed in Tipsline on July 24 about the lack of adequate water pressure at the Eagle River Village Trailer Park (ERV) in Edwards.Almost daily since July 4 there has been a lack of water pressure (trickle from your faucet) or NO water at all. This has affected many residents on the mountain side of the trailer park during the evening hours.The management advises that the problem is due to residents watering their lawns/yards and leaving the water on all night. Their solution: an even/odd watering schedule by trailer number Tuesdays through Sundays between 7:30 p.m. and 10 a.m. with no watering on Mondays. What is the real cause? An old, antiquated system of pipes that pumps water from wells, which clog up and can’t supply enough water pressure to all the mountain side trailers, let alone the fire hydrants on the top of every other street. This appears to be a serious code violation for mountainside trailers in the event of a FIRE during a low water pressure evening episode. The fire department will have to run their fire hoses down to Highway 6 fire hydrants, which are on the Eagle River Water & Sanitation water line. The solution: ERV could tap into the Eagle River water department (lines that are already in place) when water pressures are low. They have chosen not to do this, in speaking with the fire department. There is potential for contamination of the wells when water pressure is low and water back flows into the wells. You residents all know about the rusty water that flows up into your trailer after repairs are made after a water shut off. Your water heater needs draining and toilet tanks need cleaning/bleaching. Suggestion: Don’t ever drink the water straight out of your tap. A pressure pump could provide better pressure into the water system and keep it more stable.The rents for ERV have gone up, $40 in January 2004 and $40 in January 2005, but where has the money gone? It was the large price tag the new owners had to pay to buy the trailer park. There has been some maintenance to the streets with repaving of driveways and some streets and filling in potholes. Not mine, not yet! ERV will sit on their hands on this water issue until the (ERV community) comes together as one, because management knows we won’t. There have been over 50 instances of low water pressure or NO water at all in the last 21 months.Speaking to a neighbor who has lived in the park before the rents doubled, he advised this watering problem has gone on for over five years (more like 10 years). Well, it’s time THIS STOPS. Little children going to bed dirty, not able to wash your dishes or run laundry loads. Health issues anyone?The following is a list of phone numbers to call on the next day after you have water problems, since the low water pressure occurs between 5 and 10 p.m. (how convenient) after the ERV office closes. Eagle River Village Management Office (926-3754); Creico (owner of ERV) 303-344-0655 ask for KIM; Eagle County Health & Human Services (328-9747); Colorado Department of Health Water Quality (970-248-7153) Give the above ID account number, 119234. Water quality monitors the back flow contamination into the wells from the water lines after low pressure or water outage event. Next inspection is 2008.Also try giving Eagle River Fire Protection District a call and voice your concern about dry fire hydrants on the property and what would happen during a low water pressure situation when a trailer/shed is on fire and the expense of time needed to hook up to fire hydrants along Hwy 6, let alone the motor vehicles that would be driving over fire hoses?ERV has been getting some pressure put on them to correct the water situation. As a community, we need to keep the pressure increasing. This situation does not occur ANYWHERE else in Eagle County and ERV is condoning living in slum conditions by providing it to their tenants. Would Singletree or Homestead put up with the situation we have? Not for a moment. There are other issues with the trailer park that won’t be addressed in this letter. Check with Colorado landlord-tenant Laws. ERV could be in violation by not providing water 24/7. This would break anyone’s lease who has been affected.Chas HumphreysVail, Colorado

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