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Letters to the editor

Matt Zalaznick, I’m not sure if you are being cynical, or if you believe what you’re writing. For purposes of the letter I am going to assume you were sincere. I am pleased to hear your condo is worth more, but doesn’t that mean higher taxes for you also? Vail and Eagle Country sell “quality of life” experiences. People come here to escape their urban suburban existences elsewhere. I think Arn and Peter recognize this fact and are trying to do something about it. It’s a courageous move on their part. Two words can help define the situation: optimum and maximum. We have been steadily moving from from optimum development to maximum development for several years now. Maximum development can only degrade the quality of our lives here. More congestion, more pollution, more crime, more hit and run neighbors we really don’t know or understand until it’s too late, etc. The Eagle River is a classic example. How much more waste water (even if it’s treated) can the river handle, how many more rafts and kayaks, trout fisherman, etc., can we stuff onto this little river? It’s not dead, but I can tell you it looks pretty sick next to what it used to be. This brings up the issue of water. It seems we are promising water we may not have if the Lower Basin states choose to exercise their rights. Every “greedy” person in this county is scrambling for every drop they can get for development, horse pastures, etc., while the river gets more and more beat up. And one day in the not-too-distant future, someone is going turn on a tap and no water will come out. The citizens of Eagle County have to make a choice between the quality of their lives here and the size of their bank accounts. The powerful people in this county have mostly chosen to support their bank accounts. I think Arn and Peter are looking at something beyond the all mighty dollar, or maybe they just realize that when the quality of life drops below a certain level the businesses will suffer as well as the folks who love the wilderness. Maybe that’s why they are good choices as commissioners. Roger BrownGypsum Can’t do squatKudos to Joe McHugh for his superb letter, “Hysterical fringe.” However, one detail was neglected that tends to undermine the arguments for anthropomorphic causes of global warming.Of all the greenhouse gases that are believed to contribute to increasing global temperatures there is one gas in particular constitutes the majority of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Quantitative figures for this one gas are omitted from most reports (at least from those reports that get the most press). Are you ready for this? The predominant greenhouse gas is water vapor. Add water vapor to the global warming equation and the possible effects of all human activity on global warming become negligible.So why all the doomsday hyperbole? Perhaps we are witnessing the hijacking of science for political ends: to fabricate a justification for that global social engineering experiment better known as the Kyoto accord. Kyoto is a political fraud based on bogus science. Kyoto would only succeed in impeding the economies of the USA and other successful nations, yet some in this country have been duped by its socialistic allure. Rather than improving conditions in failing nations, Kyoto would drag everyone to the lowest common denominator while doing absolutely nothing to affect global warming.By the way, the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. This magnetic field deflects lethal solar radiation around the planet thereby protecting the biosphere and all life on the planet. Apparently the Earth’s magnetic poles periodically flip positions the north and south magnetic poles change places. It seems we may be on the verge of another flip. How many of you “Chicken Little” hysterics out there actually believe we humans can do squat about it? None? Ditto global warming.T. AndersonEdwardsMissed somethingMy husband and I attended the funeral of Lance Cpl. Herrera. You aptly described the class with which the military honors one of their heroes. However, you failed to aptly describe the spirit of the ceremony. Family – mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins,and friends – all said their farewells. The grief was heart-wrenching. However, their pride in Evenor and the job he did was heart-warming. I spoke with his aunt as we walked to the cemetery. She told me that this big family had left Honduras and now all are U.S. citizens. Evenor’s brother enlisted with the Marines after 9/11 and Evenor was anxious to follow in his footsteps. By choosing the grandmother’s quote in the article, you misrepresented what we observed. Twice there was actual applause when the words “God bless America” were spoken. I’m sorry you did not share that side of this patriotic family. Jeannie McGill For shame It is truly shocking that an insolent punk like Matt Zalaznick can actually rise to a position of prominence in Eagle County’s largest newspaper. His vitriolic ramblings and reckless charges would disgrace any responsible institution. But at the Vail Daily his antics are not only tolerated, they are shamelessly honored as he is elevated to the position of city editor. Need I say more? Randy Milhoan Minturn Vail, Colorado

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