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Letters to the editor

Brenda Bober and Cathy Ciffeli

The 2005 Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds Summer Reading Program at the Avon Public Library was a huge success, thanks in part to parents and teachers of our students. Students enjoyed listening to stories, playing games, and doing crafts during our weekly programs. They also went on dragon hunts and entered into a quest for Knowledge. We had a total of 129 students registered, which was a 64 percent increase over last year. Many of our materials were translated into Spanish, and as a result, 25 percent of our Spanish-speaking students reached their reading goals. The students who completed their goals were: Kaelyn Boe, Kelsey Boe, Jordan Brandt, Chloe Brook, Woody Brook, Daniel Calzadillas, Valeria Calzadillas Melissa Degado, Brett Ferraro, Peter Ferraro, Heddie Hall, Carlie Harrison, Jordan Harrison, Hans Hintermeister, Sydney Hintermeister, Magaly Najera, Daniel Ortiz, Nan Peck, Keavy Quagliano, Keefer Quagliano, Keegan Quagliano, Keily Quagliano, Reilly Quagliano, Juan Rojas, Marnina Seller and Mackenzie Thaxton.A big thanks goes out to all of the community for their support of our programs. We are always working hard to improve our programs and value any suggestions or comments you might have. Brenda BoberCathy CiffeliAvon Public LibraryThanks for helpI would like to thank you for advertising, the Avon Public Library for hosting, and fellow community members for participating in the discussion following Wednesday’s showing of the film “The Fog of War.” The discussion following the viewing of Robert McNamara’s 11 lessons was great.Todd Gould VailSome presidentI would like to start off by saying that Matt Zalaznick’s columns are probably the only reason I read this conservative-based newspaper. Also, I would advise the people who are “flushing more cash to the Republican Party machine to crush forward-thinking liberals” not to read this.Even though I’m only a freshman in high school, I’m very into politics and what’s happening in our country. In my opinion, our president is not a very good one. Our president obviously doesn’t care about the lives of our troops fighting in Iraq. If he does care about our troops, then he obviously doesn’t care about their families who miss them and want them to come home. Also, why can’t supplies for the people of New Orleans be placed in a sanitary facility? Their food is being dropped on the ground where dead bodies and feces have been floating around. Basically, I think that our president’s efforts aren’t very good, and it makes me sick. So to those of you who think that we live in the best country with the best president, think about the lives of others that are being destroyed because of our president. You might think he is the greatest thing that has ever happened to this country, but to be quite frank, he isn’t.People might not take this letter seriously because I’m not an adult, but I do know what I’m talking about.Oh and Arthur Blank II, I really think that you should mind your own business because there’s a law in this country saying that people have the right to freedom of speech. Matt Zalaznick should be able to say what he wants without being criticized. Mariel Morency VailBush’s faultIt would be nice if we could grandfather ourselves under the bankruptcy laws that are soon to expire because our country is heading straight into Chapter 11. Thank you, Mr. Bush, for all of your wrongdoings and your carelessness and absolute snuggling of corporate ideals. Cheers to you.I count the days until you are no longer my country’s president, although unfortunately I’m sure your replacement will not be all that much better. I really wish you could read all of my letters to the editor because as a patriot and grand supporter of our country I feel betrayed like so many other Americans, and I want to tell you these things personally. I’d like to support your war and everything you stand for but it is all so repulsive I can’t stand to watch the next great mistake you will commit. I love our country and I wish you would do the right thing for once and quite ruining everything.And then there is the environment and how you care so little for simple things like the earth we walk on. Why did you not rebuild the levees? Pathetic! I feel ill. Tavius Sims Avon Need to work togetherI would like to respond to Kathy Westover and all the other Bush bashers. I think I’m an average semi-retired American. On most issues I’m a few steps right of center. Locally, I generally vote with my pocket book. Nationally, I’m a card carrying Republican. However, I don’t agree with all the party planks. What I do believe in after serving my county in Southeast Asia, traveling the world and dutifully paying taxes for 40 years that America is the strongest nation in the world and we got this way by pulling together. Not by pointing fingers and calling names. My grandparents and my parents would roll over in their graves if someone in 1942 had called for impeaching FDR because he took us to war. We were at war then and we are at war now. The only difference is that then we had identifiable nations imposing their will on other nations. Now we have radical individuals and groups imposing their will on everyone. We don’t impeach a president for defending our nation from evil people.As to Katrina, I like many other Americans watch the horror of the days following the initial blow. My first thoughts were, G.W. dropped the ball here. However, as I studied the aftermath and learned more of the details, I came to a different conclusion. There were definitely mistakes with the aftermath of this disaster at all levels. First of all this was and is a local or regional disaster, not a national disaster. Our national defense was not an issue here. It is my understanding that the first line of response in a local or regional disaster is the local government and the state government. The federal government and military do not get involved with local and regional emergencies until the local officials request it. So when you start pointing your finger, make sure you start at the right level.In world opinion, I think the U.S. got a bum rap from all the one-sided media coverage of this tragic event. In a rush to press, many facts and circumstances were misrepresented. Even today, they are showing photos and tape that was taken a week ago, leading one to believe they are current. It is sad that this tragedy happened at all, much less to people who have been portrayed as the poor and down trodden of American society. Because the majority portrayed is a minority group of people does not mean they are poor. I doubt very few of the people who have been displaced would agree that they are poor, even those who have lost everything they owned. Let I remind you that the poorest of the poor in any American city would be considered wealthy by the standards of the poorest of most third world nations. I have not seen one neighborhood portrayed by the many hours of TV coverage that I could classify as a slum.What makes America so great is in the coming together in a crisis and pulling together. Not by name calling and bashing our leadership, not by politicizing the situation for one’s personal advantage or one’s party’s advantage. But by joining together to support our leaders and our troops. Let us be Americans first! Jim AkinVailTime limitDear Mayor Slifer and members of the Town Council: when citizens of Vail can be asked to limit their comments to three minutes, I think it would be advisable to put the same limit on Michael Cacioppo. Especially when he is ranting on and on and being disrespectful to the Town Council and outright insulting to some council members. You may not be able to stop him now that he is a member of the press again, but you can certainly stop him from dominating the meeting by limiting his comments to three minutes. Josef StauferVailVail, Colorado

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