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Letters to the editor

Terry Quinn

Brian Powell is the latest critic of Tipsline because it does not identify who has submitted a comment. He says this benefits “the most ignorant and cowardly miscreants” and that “… we should all stand behind what we say, come good or bad.” Powell is not clear on what “good or bad” he has in mind for those who say something he disagrees with. The Colorado Bar Association has a new program by which members can provide anonymous suggestions. This ensures candor by those who might fear professional retaliation for stepping on the wrong toes. It has long been common for organizations to have a suggestion box for such purposes. The Sarbanes-Oxley corporate accountability law was passed in response to scandals involving big bucks hanky-panky by those at the top. It requires publicly traded companies to have ways that employees can anonymously report fraud or misconduct to the audit committee of the board of directors. Daimler-Chrysler got sued by a fired employee who used to work in the department that handled such input. She alleged that corporate security agents tried to find out who was behind some of the calls. Perhaps they planned some of the “good or bad” Brian Powell enthuses about. I am not an ignorant cowardly miscreant, so I am providing my name. But please don’t tell Mr. Powell where I live. Terry Quinn Coming throughRecently a very large rental truck arrived in the small town of Bourg, Louisiana loaded with supplies for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The truck although large was not large enough to carry all the love and compassion of the people of Vail, Colo. I had the privilege of helping three KIND gentlemen distribute all the items sent. All the personnel items were brought to the local Salvation Army distribution center. Ms. Liz director of the Houma, La., center was so overwhelmed by the generosity she broke down into tears. They told her of the red beans and rice dinners, all the food drives, and with picture in hand the story of the two little girls selling lemonade. The picture and banner sent now hang proudly and Ms. Liz tells everyone the story of the kind people of Colorado. All the medical supplies were brought to Nicholls State University, where a hospital has been created in a building which until recently had classes being held. They are still treating patients whom are survivors brought here from New Orleans and surrounding parishes. The supplies were gratefully accepted by Dr. Davis and staff. All the pet supplies were brought to a local center, where many animals from flooded streets of Louisiana are loved and cared for. The pets were so excited, and the humans too, at the arrival of more supplies.Terrebonne Parish missed the wrath of Katrina by a mere 40 miles and has since adopted approximately 5,000 new people to our communities. I wanted the people of Colorado to know their efforts are here and in the hands of our new guest.I thank you for all who still have no means to say it. THANK YOU!!!! Paul Ellender Bourg, La. Vail, Colorado

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