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Letters to the editor

Brandes and Dupree-Batten families

Recently good friends and neighbors gathered for a potluck party to share a meal and raise money for the Gulf Coast hurricane victims. We are so grateful to Barbecue Brad and Eagle Liquor Mart for their donations of BBQ and beer. The beef and pork was quickly devoured, and the keg of beer finished it off so well.The great part of this donation was that it was offered without reservation (we were just hoping for a discount). It was giving for giving sake.The party was a success (we were able to send over $1,000 to the Red Cross) and part of that is because of you. Your business deserves our business.The Brandes FamilyThe Dupree-Batten FamilyEagleLook, cowardThis to to the self-serving individual who left the disparaging cartoon and comment on my windshield when my car was parked legally in a disabled spot at Wal-Mart on Oct. 26.You do not have to be in a wheelchair or have an oxygen tank to legally be issued a disabled parking tag. In my case I usually park as far from my destination when my situation allows me to walk the distance. That day I could not. What my reason is for having a disabled tag is my business. If you had a problem with my parking there, you should have called the authorities or confronted me (it is clear that you have met me by the way the note was addressed). But then, as with most cowards, you did not have the nerve to do so. My advice to you is to put your efforts into something more constructive and be thankful that you or someone close to you does not need a disabled parking tag.Michael J. SchneiderEagle’s backboneOh my, Margaret Carlow’s obituary. I knew it would be coming, but it was still hard to see it in print. What can we say, we frequenters of Sharp’s Pool Hall? The memory of the place that even at 8 a.m. had the pungent smell of fried hamburgers and onions mixed with fresh brewed coffee. Where there might have already been a game of pitch being played in the back room, and at that time of day, mostly George Carlow holding down business behind the counter. He loved to give his best rendition of the previous evening’s bad jokes, but if there wasn’t anything worth repeating, he’d just juggle something to entertain the coffee sippers. Margaret pretty much held down the kitchen position, but quite often they did double duty going out the front door into the adjoining liquor store (the door had a buzzer in the restaurant) to take care of customers in the legally divided businesses.I can still hear her “Oh, George!” commenting LOUDLY on one of his really bad jokes, and although I didn’t personally see it, loved hearing about her bean-balling him with an onion after one especially bad one. She had a good aim.She was a backbone to this town of Eagle. Even with failing eyesight, she made the decision to stay here with her beloved dog, in the house she loved, in the town she loved. May we all live to be such pillars of our community. We will miss you Margaret.Rosie ShearwoodEagleFrustrated to boneI think it’s time for Vail Valley Medical Center to change its mission statement from “Your Care, Our Mission” to “Your Orthopedic Care, Our Mission.” I have lived in the Vail Valley for 25 years and expected to be able to get my medical care at the local hospital. However, because the orthopedic physicians operate the hospital, there isn’t any surgery time for any other physicians. I have to travel to Glenwood Springs to have my care. Such a shame! If my knee was blown out, I could have surgery in Vail tomorrow. But because my needs aren’t orthopedic in nature, I have to take my medical care elsewhere.What’s wrong with Vail Valley Medical Center? Our OB/gyn physicians have to beg and plead to perform surgery on local patients. Urologists, good luck, you’ll never get in.The local community needs to have the same quality care that our guests receive. As locals, I guess if you want quality care, you have to take your business to Glenwood Springs or Denver.Shelley Bellm MinturnVail, Colorado

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