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Letters to the editor

Bob Fiske

Recently I had a good sighting of an unidentified flying object in the Vail area and wanted to tell everyone about it. I was walking my dog out in East Vail at 5:40 on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 3. It was mostly cloudy with a fairly brisk wind blowing, and getting dark. I looked up to see a glowing disc below cloud level that was moving to the northeast. It was bright white-yellow in the center and more orange-red along the edges. It had no blinking lights and was silent. I had it in sight for five-six seconds before it faded into the clouds. A short time later the wind blew the clouds out and I could see the stars of Cassiopeia where the UFO was. I was so sure I had seen this that I called the Vail police dispatcher and gave them my name and phone number in case anyone else had seen the UFO too.As a young boy back in the late 1950s, I had a daytime sighting of what I believe was a V-formation of about 20 flying saucers. My sister and several other kids saw them, too, so I know I wasn’t seeing things. I started reading books on UFOs after this, and in 1969 I had an even more convincing nighttime sighting of two elliptical-shaped white lights that were several times larger than a full moon and that moved silently across the sky no more than a mile away from where I stood with some friends.Since these days, UFOs have become a serious hobby with me and I now have a bookcase full of material on this phenomenon, and have had about 20 good UFO sightings, many of them in the Vail area. Earlier this year I became an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, which is a worldwide organization dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs. MUFON had been in operation since 1967 and has amassed overwhelming evidence that UFOs are real.It would be impossible to mention even a small part of the evidence here, but I do believe that I could convince even the biggest skeptic in an hour or two that 1) UFOs are real, 2) that they are extraterrestrial in origin, and 3) that there is an ongoing cover-up of UFOs by what I call our secret government. This secret government is so powerful they do not even tell our presidents what they are doing and operate outside the checks and balances of our Constitution, and outside of the law itself.Another purpose of MUFON is to inform the public about the UFO phenomenon, and this is what I am doing now. Within the last few months there has been a large increase of reported UFO sightings across Colorado and the rest of the world. You can view many of these reports on the National UFO Reporting Center Web site (www.nuforc.org), which has a Report Database by state that lists some 680 sightings reported in Colorado over the years, including the most recent ones. Additional reports have been reported to MUFON from around the state.Check out the MUFON Web site (www.mufon.com) and Colorado MUFON (www.comufon.org) as well as the UFO Info (www.ufoinfo.com) and the Disclosure Project (www.disclosureproject.org) for information on UFOs.If you have had a recent UFO sighting or want more information on UFOs please call me at 476-7507, and I will be glad to talk with you.Bob FiskeVail Enough!Please, no more cuts in social services while giving away the country’s treasure to the super rich and the oil companies.I don’t know how these people can call themselves Christian.Carole OnderdonkEagleHallelujah NightWord of Life Worship Center in Gypsum would like to thank the following supporters of “Hallelujah Night 2005”: City Market, Columbine Market, JB T’s, Gypsum Valley Feed, and the community volunteers and volunteers from the church.We had over 150 children attend the event this year, and we could not have done it without all of your help. Thank you so much! You are very much appreciated!Renee BajzaWord of Life Worship CenterVail, Colorado

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