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Letters to the editor

Joseph Keegan

For the record, I would like to clarify my position on the town of Eagle’s leash law, as I was grossly misrepresented in Kathy Heicher’s article covering (a recent) town meeting.As an 8-year town of Eagle homeowner and the owner of a large dog, I am PRO leash law – especially with the growth that has occurred in our community. I do not believe that a dog is capable of being a good citizen or should be left to make their own decisions.I am for designating leash free zones with in the town limits for dogs to recreate and socialize under the supervision of their owners. I am for educating the citizens of Eagle of the laws that exist and as they are amended. I am sure most new residents don’t even know that they are required to license their dog every year. What a great opportunity to educate dog owners of the current laws or revisions.I am NOT in support of dog parks that will create confusion of the law and require public funds, as well as administrative resources.Additionally, I would like to clarify the incident as it pertains to my wife and Animal Control. She was walking our dog and a neighbor’s dog on a leash until she came to a secluded area of Brush Creek, where she let them off the leash to play fetch and swim in the creek. The officer enforcing the law requested that she leash the dogs at all times and proceeded to write her a written warning. The dogs were never left unattended and were under voice control at all times. That type of martial law I am not in favor of in our community.In conclusion, what I am in favor of is leniency in the current law clearly defined for all and the ability to recreate my dog while enjoying the outdoors in a manor that is respectful to all citizens, our community and nature. Joseph Keegan EagleWhat happened?Mr. Art Kittay is still writing letters about how wonderful Israel is and how bad the Palestinians are. I wish he would go and spend some time on the West Bank and visit with some Palestinians to discover their side of the story. I personally find that I am becoming more and more disaffected with Israel. As I spent time recently in and around Jerusalem, I became embarrassed, ashamed even, with what we are doing to the Palestinians. I witnessed the demolition of a Palestinian house near Bethlehem and it was a traumatic experience with little children and grandparents crying in the street as we smashed their house with a giant jackhammer mounted on a boom. The parents stood hopelessly by and watched. It was traumatic for me, too, and I tried to take a photo but the soldiers would not allow me. I believe it would have moved Mr. Kittay. We’ve demolished thousands of Palestinian homes, and only a very few of these are homes of suicide bomber families. I found myself looking askance at my own people and asking, “Who are these people?” We aren’t the only Semites – the Palestinians are Semites, too. What I witnessed was a vicious case of anti-Semitism leveled against the Palestinians by the Israelis. The ongoing anti-Semitism against the Palestinians is much, much worse that any anti-Semitism against us anywhere in the world today. It is shocking that we, the people who have suffered so much from anti-Semitism, have become the worst offenders. We do to the Palestinians what we vigorously fight against being done to us. When I watched what Israelis are doing, and when I read letters from people like Mr. Kittay, I wonder what has become of us. Jenna Rubin New York Looking for ToddThe family of Todd Dedinsky are looking for him! We would love to hear from you and know that you are OK. He has been a resident of Vail-Eagle for the last 19 years. Travels with the dog Annabelle.Please contact your family. Kay Dedinsky Mankato, Minn. Pitching inRecently, I returned from a week in Slidell, La., helping clean up the damage caused by hurricane Katrina. I was pleased to return home and see the editorial in Monday’s paper about the impending trip by Pastor Winsor Stough’s group. The message we brought back is that the good folks in Louisiana and Mississippi are in desperate need of continuing help, not just financial but physical. The “don’t send people, send money” message needs to be cancelled. The church we stayed at in Slidell has housing for volunteers. One of our work projects was plumbing for a building in central New Orleans that is being outfitted to house volunteer groups. Basic services are back in all but the hardest hit areas. Groceries are stocked. The area can support volunteer groups.The Vail Daily has done a good job reporting on the efforts of Melissa Lalley, Tom Stone, Pastor Stough and others. But there is more to tell. Our group represented the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration here in Vail, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Steamboat Springs. Through word of mouth I have heard of other churches and local groups who have sent teams to help. None of us do it for publicity or accolades. However, you might want to call some of the pastors and other local leaders and see how many additional stories are out there. We’ll gladly tell our story to keep the message in front of people.The residents of Louisiana and Mississippi think the nation and the media have moved on to other stories and other concerns. Let’s prove that we haven’t.Steve BairdAvonGreat workI would like to personally thank Jim Boyd of Eagle River Water and Sanitation District; John Melata, project manager of The Vail Plaza Hotel & Club; and Leonard Sandoval from the town of Vail for their coordinated efforts to see that Vail’s in-town bus service would return to Meadow Drive just in time for opening day on Vail Mountain. To make this happen, a crew from B&B Excavating worked diligently last Sunday to finish an asphalt overlay, which was necessary to get the job done. These individuals, along with B&B’s Chip Bair, Chris Erdal and Ron Marmon, went far beyond their job descriptions in accommodating our needs. Also contributing to the cause were the many flaggers from CC Enterprises, led by Christina Meeney. Everyone was courteous and patient, but most of all they kept smiles on their faces with wind blowing, snow drifting and temperatures falling. I want these individuals to know that … these efforts did not go without notice. I thank you one and all. Rayla J. KundolfVail We just print ’emProper read Lamont’s letter to the editor dated Nov. 5. Proper reacted with confusion regarding Lamont’s use of the third person in said letter to the editor. Proper also reacted with confusion with regard to how a Vail town councilor can apologize for the actions of another.Proper looks forward to proper and constructive discourse in the future.Scott ProperVailVail, colorado

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